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May 15, 2009 | 5:08 PM EDT

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FUCK! - a Comic Collection

Well, well, well. If it Isn't little FUCK!-guy. Watch him handle awkward moments. Or not. Hö-hö. This is a Humor-Comic-book-flash, where you can read 2-pic short-stories about the little FUCK!-guy. I've also included the original FUCK!-comics that are drawn in my swedish-book. Navigate with the arrow keys, and travel through the wonderful world of FUCK!

(More information in the Flash.) I hope you like this! See you! FUCK!
//Konstantin Löwe




Rated 5 / 5 stars


this is............THE GREATEST COMIC EVER!lol good comic

HolyKonni responds:

:) tahnks


Rated 3 / 5 stars


Gonn have to give it a six since its ur first comic NEVERTHELESS it was a job well done but...what the santaslittlehelper in a basket!? U LEARN GRAMMAR FROM UR Swedish teacher lucky you...i learn from my english teacher....although im from sweden T_T...nevermind that that was just my mind writhing in pain of loosing to another swedish citizen^^

First impression of your comic ------------>It needs moer girls:3 but ah well u cant say no to the word FUCK! :D keep upp the good work and i hope to see more comics from my fellow swedish:3

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HolyKonni responds:

Haha lol.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like these comics.

Yeah.the artwork in them is simple.but thats fine,because when it comes to short 2-3 panel comics,art styles can be quite simple,so it suited it.the comics themselves are very random.they are kinda funny comics.but not hilarious.

still though, good work.hope to see more of these in future.=)


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HolyKonni responds:

Thank you Dexter!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

oh F****

I expected something like this, but not going in the comic direction, anyways


for something that was that quickly made its pretty good but don't go that way, work hard on the art for the people to enjoy, I know, Gimp, but still you could make them smoother

the alternation of the music, kills monotony a little

you had some comedy in there but some like the dog that as a pistol with him and don't let the guy hug, or maybe when the guy is reading the Fuck volume, it had potential but its to quick to be funny, try making the comic strip of three squares and not just two

the comic mood you gave the parts where you change the volumes and to the originals


the only problem I could really see, is that since the comics are so short you should have posted more and not make this so little and since this happens( the sketching) during class, you might as well make more jokes about the hate towards education, well at least some :P

I'll give you a ten because you have potential in your idea, so don't let go to waste and entertain the world with guys who can't seem to stop saying fuck ^^

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HolyKonni responds:

Thank you DarkRider! This was my first web-comic and it also was something of an experiment if I could upload a comic in flash form. My next Comics are definitly going to be longer, I promise. I'm very glad you liked it and thanks alot for the review!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Let's see I'm writing a title-- [bang] F***!

Ah, the casual way in which those overseas sling around the F-bomb; it's so charming compared to how we Americans do it.

I think the interface, layout, and music work well here. I found it easy to get into and easy to read.

Although I enjoyed the twists on the same two-panel plot more in the later strips (particularly the "yellow western frog" one and the suicide one--ah such dark humor there), I noticed that your lines are a lot more flowing in your earlier, pencil work. They also came out cleaner in the character or two that you drew in Flash for the interface. That's not to say that art drawn in Gimp is illegible, but the lines are rougher and the coloring tends to have distracting stray pixels here and there; it seems to me that it might be worth considering drawing future episodes either freehand, and scanning them in, or using Flash, which will smooth out your lines. Another thing you could do would be to draw them at exactly double size, then scale them down; assuming Gimp has a decent scaling function, doing that will smooth them out--it's what I do for my own bitmap work in Photoshop. That Wacom should definitely help, though!

The character is simple and easy to read, and stands out well in his yellow color. He's also somehow endearing; I suppose he's the Everyman who always gets the shaft, and that's easy to sympathize with. It's a good theme, however, that doesn't mean that every joke using it is a winner, and many of the strips shown here don't really bring anything new to the table, and feel repetitive. However, seeing as how the two I liked most seem to be your most recent ones, I'd say you're definitely on the right track with the humor. It's actually not that often that I find a comic that gives me a little chuckle, so thanks for at least two of them!

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HolyKonni responds:

Thanks alot for your review. Well, drawing with flash without a mouse is pretty frustrating, but when I get that table I'm going to do all art in flash, probably. You know, I actually did draw them first so they would fit on a A4 paper, and then scaled them down. Anyway, I'm glad you liked this, and thanks a bundle for reviewing.