Hentai Sim Brothel

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Simulation - Dating

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May 6, 2009 | 4:26 AM EDT

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Thanks So Much Newgrounds =)

Plz put in Adult Features Collection =)



Rated 5 / 5 stars

epic glitch

if you get the special joker for excellnt advertising, activate it. then dont activate any other joker no matter what and your girls always see the max customers FOREVER!!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Funny but

This game is fun to play but i found a big glitch in the game no 1 has brought up yet.

If you get the joker that lets all your girls see max customers for 7days, all you need to do is increase the girls wealth per customer to say 10,000 or more and she see's 1-3 customers thats 10,000-30,000 gold in 1 day guaranteed from just 1 girl, but its a hell of a lot of clicking.

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i found a small glitch, some girls have a skill called good health, if you enable - disable the skill, will give you +10 skillpoints back

max girl limit for me was 41 , so i think is impossible to finish the mission of 47 girls... also the girls list needs a scroll option!

a map for the building browse could be neat

we want an update of this game! X)

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Sweet Game

Really needs a sandbox version and/or a Gallery

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All rank 8

Shtrudle wrote: "New pics unlocked when they rank up. It´s possible to max them all but it takes 287 days (assuming there are 41) making it pretty darned hard."

Thanks for the idea. That was quite a fun challenge. I managed to have all 41 girls at rank 8 with all stats 100 (even Rei's Joy) and 0 for Character. See http://tinypic.com/r/n2e9u1/7 for screen shot. This was on the Easy level of course. I'm pretty sure it's impossible on Normal.

The hardest part was the first month. In fact, once you get the big house, there's not really any more challenge left besides making sure that you don't forget to rank someone each day.

For those who want to try this, here are a few hints:

1) Early on, make extensive use of the fact that the buy and sell prices are equal. So always buy enough girls that you always have very little cash on hand. So once you get over 300 or so, buy Kagami, then the next day sell her and buy Hinata or someone, etc.

2) It helps to know some of the formulas the game uses:
est. price = (chm + fuk + blo + lib + 2*ref)/(8-rank)
max customers = (con + lib + joy) >=150 ? 3 : 110-150 ? 2 : < 110 ? 1
max customers drops to 2 when health < 65
rank up when both rep and (chm + ref)/2 > 10, 25, 45, 60, ...
(not sure after that, but 8 is 100)
I never figured out a formula for cost.

3) Make sure you get the best Joker for your particular situation. e.g. +15% lib is a pretty good one early on, since it can bump some girls up from (1->2) or (2->3) customers. Also, sell any girls who won't particularly benefit from the joker and buy ones who will, even if you don't need them yet.

4) I bought the small house on day 3, the first house a bit after day 30, the second house a bit after day 90, and then was rolling in money pretty quickly after that, so bought the rest when I had enough money.

5) Have multiple tabs open to keep saved games farther back than previous day. I kept the save at the end of each week, so I could go back and pick a different Joker if I discovered that something would be better. Also, I realized a few times that I missed a day ranking someone up, so had to go back and start the week over. I checked every week that I was still on track. I kept the previous 8 week saves in different tabs, but that was probably overkill.

6) I didn't do this, but I think you should wait until day 14 to rank up anyone other than Skuld. This gives you maximum gold as you are getting started (since you are constantly switching girls in and out, so you don't get to exploit the extra earning power after ranking them up). Then maintain a difference of 11 between the number of ranks you've done so far and the day number. This gets you to day 298 with 287 ranks.

Good luck!

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