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May 6, 2009 | 4:26 AM EDT

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Thanks So Much Newgrounds =)

Plz put in Adult Features Collection =)



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I failed

DUDE!!!! at like day 259 or something around there I got like -infinity!!! I GOT SCREWED over by the game I COULDN'T make ANY MONEY it STAYED at -INFINITY!!!!!!! BUT I still think it's a great game:)

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It doesn't load for my computer..


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome game is awesome.

I've read a lot of people having trouble starting this game so here's a brief walkthrough (up to day 30 because after that, I generally go random). I won't say you HAVE to do it my way, it's your choice. Note: This is for Easy Mode.
First of, either use your Joker for +300 EXP OR sell it. Either way, make Skuld cost 40 bucks. How? Press the huge button that says "Girl list" at the top. Select Skuld, put her in the Old Shack and save the game.
Now, make her work until day 12 (press the huge button at the bottom). Don't use the Joker you obtain on day 7. You'll need a LOT of 2-3 customers so expect a couple of retries. At day 12 (or earlier, if possible) have 750 Gold to buy Hinata and the Small House. If you lack the money, sell the Joker if it gives enough cash. Otherwise, restart. Yeah, that kinda sucks...
Once you have both, anyway, put Hinata in the small house and keep working until day 21. Use the Joker you obtain on day 14 or sell it (if it gives +15% Libido or full Health again, use it). On day 21, you need 580/630 (forgot which) Gold to buy Orihime. Put her in the Bondage School until she's got 10 or less Character left then put her in the Small House with Hinata. Orihime might not obtain a lot of customers at first but that's fine anyway.
Now, depending on your mission (at least those is the ones I've had), here's whta you should do:
-2 girls: You have 3 by following this guide.
-1 girl on rank 2: I suggest making Hinata rank 2 because it gives her the Shy ability (might obtain 1% Refinment each day)
-400 Gold: If you have a lack of Gold, sell off Orihime and buy her back once you got your new mission.
-Small house: You have it by following this guide.
-Have a bar: Put it in the Small House to attract more customers so Orihime got a higher chance of working.
If you obtain the Special Joker "Caffeine" (won't lose health) or Time Warp, I suggest you use them. Otherwise, sell or use for a girl (your choice, really).
After day 30, I buy girls depending on which ones I feel like. Here's an example of my latest playthrough:

Day 299:
All houses
All houses fully upgraded
Skuld, Hinata, Orihime, Tifa, Nico Robin, Nami, Zelda, Sakura (from Naruto, forgot her last name at the moment), Ino, Naru, Yuna, Lulu, Matsumoto, Rinoa, Belldandy and Urd at rank 8
Skuld, Belldandy and Urd in Old Shack (I upgraded it with 2 more rooms)
Hinata, Sakura and Ino in Small House
Matsumoto and Orihime in First House
Nico Robin, Nami, Naru and Zelda in Second House
Celes, Tifa, Yuna, Lulu and Rinoa in the Palace
All girls costed 1000 Gold per customer
All girls always met 3 customers
All girls had all perfect stats (100 or above in everything, 0 character and various health).
All girls had all equipments
All houses had all advertisements
All girls always worked
All girls had at least 6-7 skills (as I put them in dance/XXX/poetry school a LOT)
~258,000+ Gold
And yes, this was from using the strategy I mentioned up there.

List of missions I got (in order):
2 Girls (I had 3 by day 21, deadline 30)
First house (I had that one by day 48, deadline 60)
Striptease Room (I had once since day 62, deadline 90)
Second house (I had it by day 93, deadline 120)
Garden (day 128, deadline 150)
Money game room (day 150, deadline 180)
11 Girls (day 183, deadline 210)
15 Girls at rank 8 (day 230, I needed 3 more by the time I got this mission, deadline 240)
Palace (day 211, deadline 270)
Opium Room (day 162, deadline 300)
No joke, I got "Have an opium room by day 300" as the final mission, despite me having all houses fully upgraded by day 214.

Anyway, hope this helped. Send a message if you still gets stuck!

Note: This strategy is NOT perfect. Never said it was, either.
Also, if you want to buy other girls than Hinata and Orihime, go ahead. I won't say it's forced for you to buy those. It's just the ones I prefer to get as both is cheap and got low enough character to quickly make up for it (Hinata got 10, Orihime got 30).

Tip: Get as many girls as possible with Splendid Body or Big Breast abilities.

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One of best games ever

Tips: The girl named chii never tires i think you can buy her in the slave market, to get more money estimate the value the girls cost. go to girl list choose a girl and click estimate EVERY time your girls stats increase, last tip stay calm. Tips for creator of this fine game: Add some music even if its just a beat, Add some lesbian action, and add more pictures. Hope their will be a second! Once again BEST GAME EVER!!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

So addictive you'd think it was crack!

I've been playing for a month now! Totally awesome! :) 5/5