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Apr 22, 2009 | 5:17 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place April 23, 2009

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This is actually an older toon that I didn't post on NG for some reason. Yeah, the animation's kinda sucky compared to what I'm doing now (which some folks still think is sucky). So it is what it is. An old Foamy toon.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

agree, more or less

Marijuana can be used to treat glaucoma, but that's about it as far as modern medical use goes. As far as using drugs to deal with all your problems, I agree it's wrong, though I don't see anything wrong with having a drink or two after a stressful day/week.

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You know what I love about these cartoons?

In these reviews- we can actually discuss something intellectually. I don't always agree with Foamy- but his opinions make a world of sense.

On this topic- I agree with Foamy 100%. I honestly don't give two shits about what people do in their spare time by themselves. Most of the people defending it are defending studies that directly condescend what's been proven time and time again. No professor or doctor is going to tell you to smoke pot.

In all honesty- pot is a lot better for you than tobacco. Most of the people who smoke it don't do it enough to hurt them, and most of the effects are very long term and you have to be smoking a lot of it for a long time for it to be hurting you. All in all- it's just another distraction we don't need. The last thing we need is more substances for people to lose sight of reality.

One of the leaders of these "legalize marijuana" groups will tell you that marijuana is a herb. They'll even claim that it cures cancer. That is what's hilarious about the thing. It doesn't cure cancer- it's called propaganda. False studies and lies spread around to make it sound like a herb. The only real benefit from marijuana is glaucoma. But glaucoma can be managed in a lot safer ways- I of all people should know.

And for the love of God- I know it helps with pain. They use it in hospitals for chemotherapy patients (which I have no problem with) but so does plenty of other illegal drugs. Is your hip hurting you? How about some heroin?

Oh child. My inbox is going to be full of messages from angry stoners.

So now the cartoon. I love the voice work. A lot of people find Foamy's voice annoying. I find it one of the few squeaky voices that aren't aggravating. I find your style of animation interesting. Foamy keeps blinking- but it's intentional. It doesn't worry about looking polished, and more worried about more than one movement at once and the speed of the frame rate.

I don't like that. I think that if you worked a bit more on detail on his hand movements, it would be a lot less choppy. I do like the subtle movements in his hands and eyes. You art style and animation style are very inspired by Invader Zim. Not a bad cartoon to look off of.

The writing is hilarious. Foamy's character is lovable. The voice acting is amazing- the sarcasm makes me laugh. The way he blatantly puts things without any disregard for anyone else is great. Opinionated squirrels. They're coming.

So uh.. yeah. Good cartoon.

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You go foamy!!!

he is totally right about everything he said! i was depressed for a long time. but did i take take no crappy medicine? no. i got over it with willpower. plus like he said, your moommy tells you not to do drugs and then goes and takes about 4 gallons worth of perscription medicine. No crap sherlock.

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Go, Foamy, Go!

Way to go, Foamy! To those of you who are blaming the government for people getting killed or jailed for using illegal drugs... Really? Let's see... The drugs are illegal because they cause hallucinations, uncontrollable rage or laziness, inhuman strength, and destroy your body slowly. If you had stayed way from the stuff in the first place, you wouldn't be hooked now. In short? Stop giving in to peer pressure or curiosity or whatever else it is that made you do drugs the first time. And don't blame the government if you were too spineless to say "no."

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Can't help but disagree with everything that is said in this video... people who have had a stressful day and need to relax legally, go and drink a beer. What if your body and mind doesn't relax with alcohol? I liked the other rants this speed-freak squirrel has to say... but this is making a joke out of a very serious situation. Smoking pot is not a joke and making it illegal has made all users target to subjection. THC is one of the only drugs which your body will not have a physical withdrawal from. Personally, I've known too many kids(And relatives) who have been killed or died because Marijauna is illegal, not because they're lazy stoners, thieves or bad people, just because the drug has been made illegal. Which inspires a flood of criminal activity(which is quite opposite of a "stoner's" lifestyle.

For Christ's sake, if you agree with this coke-headed squirrel you might as well dig up Ronald Reagan and sacrifice a goat in his honor. This kind of thinking makes me sick.