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Sonny 2

rated 4.45 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Apr 21, 2009 | 3:42 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged April 21, 2009
  • Weekly Users' Choice April 22, 2009
  • Daily Feature April 22, 2009

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The Tape 10 Points Retrieve the tape from Felicity.
Black Magic 25 Points Defeat Clemons first time without using team mates. Challenging or Heroic difficulty.
Pacifist 50 Points Defeat Hydra first time without dealing over 2000 damage during fight. Challenging or Heroic difficulty.
Predator 50 Points Defeat Captain Hunt without any training fights and without repeating any defeated bosses. Heroic difficulty.
Over the Ashes 100 Points Defeat the Corruptor in Zone 7.

Author Comments

Sonny 2 is a combat based RPG where you play as a Zombie, level up and gain items to advance to the next Zone.


Hello World,

Sonny 2 is finally here on Newgrounds! Sorry for the long wait, but we really had to make sure that the major glitches and bugs would be fixed before it's published. This version also has two additional Zones more than the original Sonny 2 release! Here's what the game contains:

- 5 Story Zones.
- 3 UNIQUE Character classes.
- 3 Difficulty game modes.
- Fully voiced dialogues and cutscenes.
- Improved AI!
- A Local PvP Mode.
- 2 Bonus "Boss" Zones.
- Loads of new items, characters, and spells.

I hope you have as much fun playing this as you did the first one! If you thought that the original Sonny was easy, then I recommend you start this game on either Challenging or Heroic mode :)

<3 Krin

PS: "Legend" unlocks Zone 7. GL HF.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love this game!

I've played it on armor games before, although it definitely should've been brought to newgrounds before this. The story itself is a little lack luster, and some of the weapons on the hardest difficulty level are completely overpowered, especially if you've ever fought against other players' parties. The battling is extremely fun and the unique abilities adds a certain amazing flavor to the game.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good, of course

However... I wish you wouldn't put bosses in that force you to re-spec a good build. I'm playing a Psychological on challenging mode. I had to re-spec to defeat the cult leader zombie because I needed points in abilities that would drain his Focus--even though my build up to that point was perfectly good against all other enemies. And when I finished with that boss, I re-specced back, because Focus-draining abilities are totally useless against normal enemies. Now I have to do more or less the same thing all over again, to fight Gregor (the cockroach who heals 1000 hp every round). If you are going to put in bosses that require special spells to defeat (and therefore a re-spec) you should make re-specs free or give bosses a large enough cash reward to compensate. Not that I don't have enough cash, but I don't like losing money without improving my character.

Here's an idea: instead of (or in addition to) complete re-speccing, have some of the ability points (say, 3 or 4 points by level 18) be "floating" so that you can choose new abilities with those points before each round (at no cost). It would be like a "sideboard" for magic the gathering and would let you adapt slightly to each battle without completely respeccing your character.

The other thing--you should make the attack animations quicker. It would just give the game a faster, more enjoyable pace if you didn't have to wait around so long for each round to finish.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This has been around for a fair while...

...but only recently released on NG. How typicaly selfish of Armour Games.
And if you hadn't already found it on that website before you could tell anyway because this "sequel" uses pretty much the same programming & visuals as the previous game. It would hardly take 2 years.

Anyway, it was good- the irish dude was a nice touch- but it was, as I said, pretty much the same as the previous one. You'd be much better off simply updating the first game.
Although I imagine I'm judging this from something of a biased point of view, for the last time I played this was 2 or 3 months ago.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love This Game!

The sheer amount of abilities is just awesome. Sonny 1 simple had a single page of things you can pair up and use in combos..Sonny 2 has 3! I've only played through it once, but I have to say the biological class just rocks so much. With the right moves, you can easily be doing 10,000 damage a hit by the end of the game (while at the same time having insane regeneration :P).

Simply, pure awesome. I'm amazed.

But, the only thing I would suggest is being able to have a pause button on hard mode. Some of those battles can get pretty long, and I'm sure we would all appreciate being able to have a break :D

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Rated 3 / 5 stars


This game wasn't that great. It's EXTREMELY repetitive, and I wonder why almost nobody else has acknowledged that.

I mean, the original Sonny was good, it had an interesting story: you wake up as a zombie, you're in extreme danger, a blind old guy helps you, he dies, you go out and seek revenge, you meet another zombie ally, and you fight together to destroy the ZHCP and find out the secret of the tape.

In this one: your story picks up where you last left off. You and the other zombie are fighting, you get weak, 2 zones later you kill the zombie king, everyone's happy.

Sure I'm not going fully into the story (if it can be called one), but the game was awfully repetitive and boring, and I couldn't bear to play any farther.

3 classes, great. They're all similar, except that they have different skill descriptions and different status effects. It was a weak attempt at making the game interesting, sorry.

As for the gameplay, it was exactly like Sonny 1. You click one circle to shop, one circle to train, and one circle to do real battle. In the battle, you choose different circles to attack: place 5 of your strongest move in your skill menu, and a couple status effects. Repeatedly click available circles. Move onto the next zone.

The "story", if it can be called one, was mainly "Oh, no! An enemy official! Kill him!" It didn't really go far beyond that. Some cutscenes (unrelated to the main "story") would have been nice, to make it more like a movie than a repetitive mouse-clicking game.

The most annoying part, for me, was that I trained for 10 rounds before each battle just so I could get on par level-wise and equipment-wise. It was all unnecessary anyway, since I couldn't even force myself to finish the game.

The "Improved AI!" and "Fully voiced dialogues and cutscenes." really don't add to the game. It's like decorating a garbage can with glitter and paper streamers and presenting it to some company (sorry for the awful analogy, but it's the least offensive one that comes to mind). I mean, in this case, the "company" is mostly 8-12 year olds whose small minds can't understand the concept of a decent story or gameplay, but only see the amazing graphics and the fast-paced action and killing.

Of course, I don't mean to completely bash your game, it's really great, and I couldn't hope to make something like this, but the low score and long essay of the faults were just to get another point of view in here, I guess. Most other reviews are just blindly complimenting your game making skills, saying how much they love this game, how it's the greatest game ever, etc.

If you decide to make a Sonny 3, please consider this review. It probably wouldn't be worth your time, since 95% of people who played this game enjoyed it, and it's no use spending months extra to satisfy that other 5%, you wouldn't earn much more money or self-accomplishment, really.

Anyway, thanks for reading this, and I'm sorry if it was just a waste of your time.

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Krinn responds:

It's not really possible to please 100%, but I'd be damned not to try :) A lot of people are asking for Sonny 3 now, and at first I thought I should do Sonny 3 the way I've done Sonny 1 and Sonny 2.

But then it occurred to me that what people THINK they want might be different to what they actually want...