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Apr 20, 2009 | 7:19 PM EDT

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  • Drugs
    Drugs For all your drug-culture needs.

Author Comments

Never played? Read the in-game instructions under the "help" menu.

Happy 4/20! I know alot of you have been waiting for a LONG time for me to finish this. Well, I worked out the major bugs, added the rest of the dealers and a "high"score list. One kink you gotta watch out for is make sure that you don't click on anything else while in a gun fight or you could end up with the gun out the whole game ;P Hope you enjoy! Some of you guys ended up in the thanks section of the credits, check them out. Peace out, and thanks for all the support,

edit: Yay, front page! Been a while... Thanks guys, you rock. "High" score of 4/20 = Tristan of Australia with a score of $164,481. Congrats Tristan, you beat the maker as well!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cool game.

i hope that there is another on the way.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good potential, bad implementation

I can see this game potentially become the flavor of the month. Such a game like this can cause issues for schools as all the students will be dying to play and talk about this all day. That of course, is what I believe to be the Target Market: Teenagers and young adults as the priority.
I'm going to just mention the Good and the Bad points of the game.

The Good:
-The idea in general will get plenty of people's curiosity and Newgrounds its a great location to spread it.
-Although this game isn't the most original... what is these days? Honestly its ideas are still better than many other drug games I've seen out there.
-Character development, well I just love that in games. Gets me more motivated.
-Shops had plenty to sell. I liked the idea with the whole buying music thing, very smart I reckon.
-Several options and clients to gain your products, enabling us to be a little more open-ended and use our minds.

The Bad:
-The menus, templates & button positioning, although customizable, was a bit too tedious and therefore confusing and slightly frustrating to use.
-The beginner tutorial could be extended just a bit more to help to newbies like me on track. Perhaps get us to buy and sell our first items with a step-by-step descriptive tutorial?
-The game doesn't appear as open-ended as I hoped it would be. I would like to have moments totally away from the menu and walk around, explore territories, search for potential clients and threats and deal with them with random encounters.
-With the contribution of all the bad points, it makes the overall game over hyped during the menu then become a bit too plain, placid and basic when at game play which is a major disappointment.

On the note of bad - Ive been reading several of other people's comments and while some offer valid points you seem to shun them or tell them "No your wrong, your stupid" which isn't going to help you spot any hidden problems or make the changes needed to gain constant 10s and positive feedback. Be a little less defensive to to reasonable comments.

The Game is a good idea, can be one of the best games around but needs improvements in its entire interface and more interactivity and freedom. And I don't mean by more options to click more buttons but rather more options to feel more in control, free roaming, animation and better innovative battles.

Anyway good enough game to receive a honest 5/10. I know you put hard work into it and do not deserve nothing less in my opinion.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is excellent!

Would Howard Hesseman lie for weed?

Yes... I would.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

>_< so... yeah...

i played for like 5 minutes.... theres no music in the game so you just sit there and click stuff i couldnt even follow the instructions very well just boring

badseed1 responds:

There is music. There are two music shops... With multiple CD's to buy.... And why would you mention, in a review, your innability to follow simple instructions? It takes at least 5 minutes just to figure out how to play, obviously not meant for people with the attention span of a narcoleptic, schitzophrenic three year old with severe attention deficit disorder. Try playing pacman or something... This goes for you below as well ;)


Rated 2 / 5 stars


It was a fun game, i like the whole weed dealin thing, but there wasnt much to it. The gun fights were lame, and who were they? cops or rival dealers? But ill get more in depth hold on:
-Menu screens were crap: Very hard to navigate between stores and to choose what screen you wanted.
-Stores were crap: There wasnt much to buy, cant buy another phone, no point in any other food except that huge burger, the lottery tickets never work, the plants are next to pointless cause they take forever to grow and on most occasions they dont provide that much.
-Abilities: What were they used for? And how do you get them up? there are ways to get them up but they have no effect. I think street cred gets more dealers?
-Dealers: Good references (Jay & Silent Bob, Samson), but they all sell just chronic except for one of them. And whats the basis for getting more of them?
-Selling: How the hell do i get more custeez? And there isnt much to say here...just hit 'space' if you can cause if you play more than one game the space stops working >.<
-Guns: Well... rocket launcher is cheap and so is the rockets, but do they dominate? NO, im still shooting more rockets than necessary at these guys, which should be no more than 1.
-Unlockables: what the hell do the cheats do, cause they dont seem to do anything and i unlocked one character then lost him after i played a game with him. And you can only unlock the first character if you use the girl.

Idk what else to add thats all i can remember about this game that pissed me off... So constructive criticism- Just...make better interfaces for the menus and add more depth to the games. Make it easier to grow larger quantities and get rid of the bugs and such. Maybe add a stash house and make the casino actually worth betting in.. OH yeah the blue chicken always wins, fyi.
As a huge supporter of the marijuana movement and just weed smoking in general, i really hope you come out with a better weed selling game, it has potential.


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badseed1 responds:

Thanks fot trying to be constructive, but you're wrong about half of your points... Yes there is a bug that disables spacebar after the first game, but every other point you made is completely false (besides your opinion of course). The cheats do work, rockets do more damage than any other weapon, you can unlock all the characters with ANY character, the blue cock doesn't always win, street credit ups your dealers, and charisma ups your custeez. Wow, you are high. But I will do my best to come out with a better one none the less ;)