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Apr 17, 2009 | 5:30 PM EDT

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This was a very good flash and i reccomend that you watch it.



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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


The best way you could improve this is
1) lay off the rock (im guessing u think loud rock will make up for a crappy flash
2)y sacks? give them at least voices or somthing to work with to actually be funny
3)poor backround it needs to be more complex or u just feel like ur stuck in one space (that only works with certain flashes ur is not one of them)

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halopwns15 responds:

look guys im only in ninth grade [14 yrs. old] so i'm just now learning this stuff so i am pretty proud of myself + i only had a month to make it. so don't chew me out dang.


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Well, there is a sack, and it's pretty well drawn. However, there is no background, which is never a good thing. Backgrounds create interest in your video. In addition, the camera angle never changes, which creates a sense of boredom, considering that the sack is all we ever see. The music is just awful, so I'd definately reccomend you improve with that.

Sometimes, since there is no story developed, things seem to happen for no clear reason (IE- what was with the backflips?). Develop a plot, and then create a flash video. But honestly, this isn't really much of a flash video. It's just a sack, with some things moving around, and horrible music. I can't help but wonder how much effort you honestly put into this. If you did put in effort, I would reccomend that you get an education as to how to create flash videos, because there's more to it than just rotation and backflips. If you didn't, then please put in effort. PLEASE.


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well the sack was well drawn enough...
1) camera angles never changed
2) music was ear-stabalicious (and not in the good way)
3) what's with all the back flips?
4) was there a story?
5) honestly, what's with all the backflips?

there's more to animating than scale, rotate, squash, and pull.

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halopwns15 responds:

well i still got one of the best grades on this project out of my class so hahahh :D and the backflip is there cuz noone else had it in my class ;) plus this was done in 9th grade so once i get out of highschool and have more time than 3weeks to work on a project i will put sumthing better on rite now im making a blaster ball game and im have trouble with a turret due in 2 moree weeks sooo much code!!!! XD