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Apr 10, 2009 | 8:00 PM EDT

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A religious terrorist group has stolen the designs of the Ultimate Spaceship Bomb created by the humans. They want to use it to end this dark universe full of corruption and misery. But our crazy heroes are supposed to destroy the bomb before the countdown reach zero,... well we know how destructive are these crew, so maybe they would have a chance after all.


- Move and Shoot with the mouse
- Mouse Wheel or keys W/S to zoom in/out
- Use key "A" to release a bomb

The awesome art done by David Ferriz and the great music by Daniel Martin. Thank you guys!!!

Finally, I would like to present you "" community. A community made for small game amateur developers that can be interested to develop games with StarTrash characters. A lot of stuff, code, art and music are done that could be easily to use again to create more adventures.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Why so little view count?

This game deserve more attention.

Urkel responds:

Thanks for the support. Well this happens when you try to innovate in gameplay. The control system is a little bit difficult to get at the first contact, but when you get it is really controllable to move around the space the ship.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


To my recollection I haven't really seen any game with the trappings of Sci-Fi comedy; even without the clear Star Trek parody or the Red Dwarf theme I'd have found the subject a refreshing change of pace.

Rather than rehash any points brought up I'll try to add ones I haven't seen addresssed:

PROGRESS - The game needs to have some sort of save feature once you complete a level. It's quite frustrating to build up the stats for your ship or save up for the newer model only to have to start off from Square One at Game Over.

GRAMMAR - The grammar is a minor point in comparison to the others brought up in previous reviews as well as this one, but correcting mistakes would definitely add to the experience.

INTERFACE and CONTROL - Using the mouse to control the ship's speed as well as direction is a bit awkward especially when the mouse is needed to pause.

As a suggestion for a future version of Star Trash, given its obvious ST-based parody root and the overhead presentation the next iteration could be made to look and feel like the classic Sega vector Star Trek game. The current overhead style could be adapted into the scanner section, and the bottom half could be made into a first-person view of from the ship's helm with a small window somewhere devoted to stats. The mouse can be used to steer and fire, while keyboard controls could be used for acceleration and bomb while solving the forementioned control awkwardness.

Another suggestion might be to include different mission objectives besides blowing up the WMD and staying alive for different levels, inspired by the narrative of the game itself as well as the potential to make it an homage to the classic ST arcade game. Missions like escort, delivery and even pursuit or race are just some of the ideas that could be thrown in driven by the game's plot.

Overall I like the concept and see much potential for a Sci Fi comedy game.

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Urkel responds:

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, that was the idea with Star Trash, to make some parody in the style of Red Dwarf. And the idea of is to give a chance to young amateur game developer to give their vision of this universe.

About the controls and the grammar, please, read the response that I have written to "Zir0".

About making the game bigger with a lot of missions, etc, etc... It's an awesome idea, the main problem is that I don't have the time, I'm beginning to get older and sick of working always in my spare time...


Rated 0 / 5 stars


just ploain horrible, the idea of te game is confusing, the WTF factor on the uni-eyed triangle isa 11 out of 10 and the first level is insane , if there even is alevel 2


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Difficult to Control


Nice shooter but there are a few issues:

- It's a bit frustrating when maneuvering the ship. When you want to aim at a target, your ship speeds over towards it, and keeping the mouse close to your ship so it doesn't tush over there makes it difficult to aim at your target.

- Allow the player to pause the game by using a key on the keyboard. That way, they won't risk running into an enemy to pause using the mouse.

- The graphics are fine. The title screen looks cool. (-:

- The explosion sound gets monotonous after a while. Consider maybe two or three different sounding ones.

- Consider implementing a "2D" sound system. Explosions that happen farther away should be softer as well as panning sounds if they occur to the left or right of the player.

- The dialog is littered with typos and misspellings.

- When the game is loading, after the Mochi-Ads, finishes, I get the following ActionScript run-time error:

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at menu::cMC_Main()
at flash.display::Sprite/constructChildr en()
at flash.display::Sprite()
at flash.display::MovieClip()
at StarTrashCollapse_fla::mc_loaderMenus _15()

After I close error message window, it seems ok.

- Allow the ability to mute only the music, while letting the sounds continue to play.

Other than the issues noted, it's alright.

- Ziro out.

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Urkel responds:

I understand your concerns about the controls, but I wanted to design a game that would be only controlled by the mouse, something different to the existing games that move in an space in 360 degrees. It has been quite difficult and It take a little of time to master in the controls, but I feel that after getting the controls it's quite comfortable to move, avoid the enemies shoots and shoot.

About the message error, it's my fault, since the 99.99999% of the flash game players doesn't have activated the apparition of the debug messages I didn't take time to think about this trace output.

Yeah, the typos and misspellings.... errrr, in the next life I will ask to be born in an English country.... Considering my budget (0$), it's hardly impossible to convince anybody to review the texts... So, sorry if the texts annoys you.... I hope that I don't make a mistake with the button "SKIP TEXTS".