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Apr 1, 2009 | 12:28 PM EDT

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A tribute to the great comrade of China.
Proletarians of the World, Unite!

EDIT: OMG. Not only did this not get blammed, but it also got positive (and serious) reviews? Amazing.
BTW I did this for the lulz of NG's Aprill Fools, this flash does not express any of my positive or negative views on the Soviet Union, Communism, Russia etc. And I'm not Russian, but I do speak the language.



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Nowadays I have begone to think that Russia is the only country in the world that actually know what the hell they are doing with themselves. I feel that Russia is the most pure country in the world and is only seen as an enemy in America's eyes because it is different then other countries. The government of the US don't give a flying fuck about it's people. And use subliminal messages to brainwash all of us into being obedient little consumer who will do whatever the government tells us to do. Russia is honest to it's people and doesn't use cheap tricks to get what it wants. YES it does have secrets, but that's just like every other country in the world. FUCK AMERICA. PRAISE THE MOTHERLAND

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yes for motherrussia


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Very nice and all, but you need to work on that sing along part. Normally, I wouldn't criticize something so heavily on just one problem, but other than the music, which could likely be looked up anywhere, you only have that sing along part and the image. The problems with the sing along include the text based mask (a detection mask should extremely rarely be text characters, since you can easily move off them). The other problem I saw was that some of the text in the sing along could not be read (for reasons other than my lack of knowledge of the Russian language) because it was against or touching a black part of the image. To fix these, I would recommend using a rectangle mask for the sing along and changing the style of the lyrics so it's white text with a black border around it, rather than just plain black text with no border. I would also recommend adding an option of having the lyrics translated to English in there some where (or at least add the phonetics in Latin script).

Don't get me wrong, it's very nice, just poorly executed for it's simplicity.

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