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Mar 21, 2009 | 2:05 PM EDT

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My version of the Iraqi press conference incident. Made this in about 5 hours the morning after it occurred. Also viewable on YouTube in the ToonSmyth Cartoon Collection. Thanks for watching!



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Hey dumbasses, George Bush Graduated from harverd!!! Stop acting like hes just some stupid guy from texas! Cause guess what... You elected Obama, we are in more debt then weve ever been, he won't even show hes birth cirtificate, and all you ignorant people have to work the debt out the rest of you lives!!! George bush wasent thinking that... all you tree hugging liberals think hes evil because hes involved in... WAR, dum dum duuumm!!! Guess what obama incouraged libia to revolt, even though when egypt did it they electid in an even worse dictator!!! All you ignorant "N***ars" cause thats what it means in the dictionary "an ignorant person", can all suck georgie's balls!!! Cause I bet youl wish you had him instead!


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He's an idiot, but he knows how to duck.


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God bless america.......... NOT!!!

Thank god they kicked out bush and replaced him with Obama.

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it is really good animating but when that happened in real life the shoe missed


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I'm sure in Bush's mind, that's exactly what he was thinking. Great job bud!