This Game is a Joke 3

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Mar 19, 2009 | 10:20 PM EDT

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EDIT: A Daily award? Really? Well hot damn, where's my vodka and roledex of hooker phone numbers?It's party time! Awww yea!
Oh man, I've done it now....

So for all those who called for a sequel to this abomination of flash-gaming series, I dropped another 8 hour session ( as is customary for the series ) in bringing you the 3rd and FINAL part to "This Game is a Joke".

You do drugs. You kill something. You see nude women. And some other stuff. My word, the other stuff....As before, all pointless, no reasoning, it's absurd, and offensive.

But now you have a flying stingray friend who accompanies you and spouts off crappy 1-liners.

This was another game created by the fans' egging me on ( as the ending will point out ), but as fore-mentioned the last. Music by Cristina Peck and friends, ( pm me for the soundtrack if you havn't already ).

Bottoms up, needles in, enjoy the game ;)

Or don't. Be a skank. :/




Rated 5 / 5 stars

Once again...

...wasted precious time of my life playing this, and, once again (said once agian once gain lolz) IT. WUZ. AWESUM!!!1!!1!!!!111!!!ONEHUNDREDELEV EN

TheMillz responds:

Wasted time? Mission accomplished :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Wow for something like this...

It's a game without any meaning but porn and the odd sexist joke but it's kinda funny.

Oh and I got 154 drug score, think the location of the drugs are random so one run you might get 85 and the next 200 XD.

Nice porn btw.

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TheMillz responds:

Random, badly scripted, same diff


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy Crap

This is one of the best games ever...

TheMillz responds:

I assume "This Game is a Joke " 1 & 2 classify as the other best games ever?



Rated 4 / 5 stars

The porn!

There wasnt much violence in it but the porn. You are a sick sick little bastard. I could only get a drug score of 103. I hope that you dont make another one. Oh and the only reason I voted a 5 was because I really want to see you do that to yourself!

TheMillz responds:

Consider it done. ( Is he serious? )



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Aww when I finally made it out on the last level

I just kept falling and coudn't get the remaining drugs! I only made it up 99. I liked the porn it was pretty good.On the last level I jumped out of the platform and just couldn't get the drugs! :C This is pretty cool game.

TheMillz responds:

Yea man, that's the only way to end a series, throw your character into a never-ending abyss!