: A Change Of Face :

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Comedy - Original

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Mar 11, 2009 | 9:51 PM EDT

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Every once in awhile I change up Germaine so I don't get bored with the character. This is only going to be temporary, so don't get crazy with the emails.



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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It doesn't always need to be visual Shakespeare

For all the Bitey's of the world, I like that Foamy has never really changed his format or the quality past roughly 2005 or so. The animation is a tool for rather entertaining episodes that don't take 1-2 years to put together. As much fun as I have seeing variants of 'Episode 1' for series that never make it much farther past that, Ill Will Press consistently makes a good product.

In conclusion: art is art. Entertainment is entertainment. Flash is like any other medium of expression.

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Is this guy dong any effort to improve, is he really trying to do something different, well it was different like 9 years ago, but now it's just sad, it's sad that he is doing all this to whore and sell T-shirts, it's sad that he is trying to improve in something that he thinks is original, and it's the sad that you actually are sucking his dick for this kind of crap Seriously when was the last time he submitted his last movie,he is even trying to do shit?, I'm not exactly the best person to ask about Flash, but, you actually take time, dedication and effort to make something at least subtle, but this is just a squirrel gif with some kind of synced audio ranting on a girl that doesn't have a personality at all, I said it, they don't have personality at all, personality is a conjunction of like and dislikes, interest and beliefs that only he can develop, but no this is just a bunch of gif ranting about jackshit, and people is actually jerking to this


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Why the crap does anyone have to be in a group?

If it weren't for the weird dress, I would also agree that Germaine is hot. Although guys are just fucking weird. I'm like in between normal and overweight and people either look at me like I'm pure sex or that I'm a fat pig. And I'm sitting here like, "Will you all go fuck yourselves?! Mind your own damn business. I'm too busy for this shit." Sometimes I go into Hot Topic, although not much anymore; all they have now is Twilight and pastel jewelery. But I guess you could try and call me a 'store-bought wannabe punk' but I was never trying to be punk (I don't even have piercings), or anything but what I am. I just liked what I bought. I don't see what's wrong with that. x3