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Mar 9, 2009 | 12:09 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature March 10, 2009

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Our assignment was to make a PSA about something that matters to us, and since nothing really matters to me, I made an animation about discrimination.

Took me four weeks, enjoy.


hah, front page. That's awesome, thanks everyone.



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The two most wasted emotions known to man are love and hate. We give both to those who dont deserve it far too often. Hate is not a bad emotion when it is truly love. I learned long ago that there is far too much stupidity on this plante to hate someone simply because of their skin color or which social group they decide to align themselves with (ie. Emos, goths, rednecks, and n00bs).


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People will always find things about others that are different. Even if every race will breed 'till there's only one skincolour remaining, people might discrminate you if you have a square face.


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A thought-provoking conversation?! On NG?! Whoa!

Putting the subject of this comment aside...
I agree with everything that everyone in the comments before me have said. Yeah. Racism's not dead. But it's not alive and well, either. It's a start, at least.
I, personally, am a half white, half black man (who looks Mexican wtf) living in Detroit.
This animation's spot-on, really. But the way I see it around here is more... ...

A policeman stopped a friend of mine once, and another one stopped him the next day. This went on for almost a straight week. Turned out, that week there was some severe drug bust so they were stopping practically everyone walking around his neighborhood. Blacks, whites, mexicans, asians (though there were none...), anyone. But of course, "the white man is keeping us down!"
So now that's his mantra. So he gives white people bad looks, thus perpetuating the cycle.
He was on the right track a few years ago, but now he's a drug dealer himself. Self-fulfilling prophecy, right?

Though I must say, it's not always exactly like that...My friend who would rather go unnamed has quite a few racists in their family. All white people. But since they all like me, I let that slide. Yet every time I have heard one of them say something slightly racist (rare as hell, mind you, but it's happened), I can't help but hear myself think about the white man being discriminatory, and the one time it got serious, I was on the verge of screaming 'fucking WHITE people' and walking out...Then I realized I was doing it myself. Whoops. Only gave me more incentive to speak out about it though...

I've got more to say, but I think most of it was already said by the people before me. (XadinUK and Mattkillyou are the ones I agree with the most, but the others too.)


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Sad but true.

There will always be racism. Even though I proudly walk around knowing well I'm not racist, my mind goes straight to racism once I see another race. "Why are there so many Indians here tonight?" "Hope the black dude isnt being bothered." "Why did that mexican stare at me like some gang banger?" It's natural to think these things, but they are subconcious racism that we cannot control. Its hard wired from media, and from experiences. I am a white male from Montana. dont see alot of black people up here, but when i went to Oklahoma for basic training, I was a minority, and it was easy to get along and woprk well to reach common goals with every race imaginable in out platoon. Not hard folks. Just smile and move along if you think you might say something dumb or racist next time.


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I agree with the previous comments
I am in a college and every time a black person gets a lesser mark then me in theyr opinion it is only because they r black not because they r lasy never arrive on time never do the homework attends maybe 50% of classes never listens never mind all that they got less because they r black
ffs that is ridiculous