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2nd Annual Tank Awards

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Mar 6, 2009 | 1:18 PM EST

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Author Comments

Today is the second annual newgrounds Tank awards. Find out who won!

special thanks to Nathan Kuruna for sharing his lights and suggestions

Also props to CoolDrMoney for his MGF clip



Rated 5 / 5 stars

interesting announcment!

I did enjoy all the nominations i felt all the submissions were worthy to be nominated for their positions. I'm not sure i agree on number 1 flash choice though. Chuck's new tux was good and unique but it's still missing elements that make an animation complete. I mean it was perfect for what harry was going for but it was a joke and not serious as apposed to there she is. That series told a serious story with charming animation and had a style that could not be matched by anyone. I know this is newgrounds and we thrive off of good funny parodies and maybe some gross humor but chucks new tux isn't exactly suitable for all ages :P as apposed to there she is everyone can appreciate. I was reading on a lot of the other reviews and one guys review kinda caught me off guard. He made a complaint about how this could be a little more professional and less casual and i'd say i have to agree. Lots of work go into these animations and people love to be rewarded for their efforts. After watching this i felt like after giving the award to the winners they were doing it as a joke and slightly insulting them. I know thats probably not tom's intent but it just came off a little weird i guess. Oh well I did enjoy tom's bit at the end there. I'm gonna go delete your emails, im going to go delete some accounts, im going to go delete your forum, I'm gonna go play some street fighter 4 lol. You've got an awsome sense of humor tom

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I have to agree with you.

Everyone nominated deserves their nomination, as well as those who won in their category, and with that I give the winners my congratulations.

But what really gets me is that nearly one half of all content uploaded into newgrounds is blammed. But since there are literally communities of people dedicated to spam, I guess the statistics are understandable.

Hopefully this year I will be astounded once again at every artists ability, and with artists such as chluaid and HappyHarry as well as musicians like Paragon x9 and MaestroRage, I believe that my hopes will come to fruition!


P.S. I actually liked the format of the presentations very much, and I think that this is a welcome substitution to the regular way, and that using this method of producing the winners is a good dramatic tool.

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XD The randomness at the end made me laugh so much

Congratz to all the winners and all the random stuff at the end Tom was hilarious!

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And there they go, this years tanks

Still "There she is" should have won.

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I've never seen or heard tom before! Oh anyways the awards were cool too, i wish tom was going to make pico 2,that would be cool