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Feb 25, 2009 | 1:08 PM EST
  • Daily Feature February 26, 2009
  • Weekly 3rd Place March 4, 2009

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Author Comments

Thank you for my first front page and my first daily award!!! I deserve this :)
Also, if you do encounter any glitches, please tell me in detail so I can fix it as quickly as possible, and simply reload the game and load your autosave file to get rid of the bug in question.

Bunny Invasion 2 is a defence game. You play Mr Frost - A retired middle aged man.
While he's in the pub enjoying a drink, a news flash informs him that a new army of evil bunnies are taking over the country once again. He must once again defend the nation from certain destruction.

The game is bursting with original content.
60 levels, over 2 hours of game-play, 10 cut scenes, 10 types of bunny, 3 bosses, 13 weapons to buy along with multiple upgrades for each weapon, 8 general upgrades, A trophy collection system, 58 in total, along with A HUGE amount of extras, 26 of which can be unlocked using the trophies.

The game has taken over 6 months to complete and it has put my skills to the limit.
I really hope you enjoy playing the game.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars February 25, 2009

BOOM Bunnies.

Well you managed to waste precious hours of my life...nice work! It was fun, interesting, and only got boring late in the game. But at that point I just wanted to get the giant rabbit at the end. The minigun was a little cheep to use, but was fun still. I have two small issues with this game.

1) The final boss was a push over. When the clip came up I was just getting ready for the REAL fight...then it died. I was sad.

2) After that, I still had a few awards to get and had to start at level 1. Bah, getting to level 60 was hard enough, but can't I start at a more populated level :(?

However, 2 things also seemed amazing to me in this game.

1) The creativity used in this game shown through. The rabbits were all odd and unique and I have never seen a unique gameplay like this for a type of game like this (if that makes any sense at all). Basically, I thought you were pretty creative with what you were given.

2) Level 5X. I forget the level of it, but it was the one that had all smaller, easier to kill bunnies, but a HELL OF A LOT OF EM. I just sat back and threw grenades and watched the corpses fly and the explosions flicker. Easily the most fun level in a game that I have played in a while.

9/10 and 5/5


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars February 25, 2009

Good game

Is that the Lamb and Flag next to St John's college Oxford? The sign looks the same...

Anyway, the game was good if easy. Upgrading the colt, then the mp5, then the m4 got me to the end of the game. I'd have liked it if the shotguns were spread weapons, but other than that it was great

GP-studios responds:

No :)

The Lamb & Flag is both a pub near where I live (not oxford) and also the pub in one of my most liked sitcoms when I was younger ("Bottom").


Rated 5 / 5 stars February 25, 2009


played for hours. really addicting. the humor in it was funny too. characters are surprisingly well drawn. CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars February 25, 2009

really good

for me the game got to easy and I got bored before I could finish it, I got to level 50.
I only lost once wich was becuase I forgot the weapon numbers on my keyboard.

the money wasnt a issue for me. I just winged the first levels with the handgun while upgradeing the scavengers . I then bought the shotgun, and got the assistant.

after I upgraded the scavengers to full, and got the minigun and was pretty much invinceable, and I only fortifeid my bar once I started to get bored to see what it looks like.

also, the aiming was off, I had times where my cursour was right on the bunnys head and the bullets flew right pass them.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars February 25, 2009


For me it kinda got boring fast. Just looking at the weapon screen made me wanna quit.. And getting only like $30 at first got me discouraged from playing.. So yeah...