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Feb 17, 2009 | 11:58 AM EST
  • Daily Feature February 18, 2009

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This animation is my perception of what Newgrounds seems to be all about. It's based around not only what's popular on Newgrounds, but also most of the weird things that I constantly see in the portal.



Rated 2 / 5 stars


halved score cause of the flashing part.

remove it...seriously


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Good animation; but not very amusing.

Mildly entertaining? That's the only 1-line sum-up I felt from this otherwise mediocre flash. You did capture a small chunk of Newground's feel no doubt but there was numerous problems with it. Not only did you seem to leave out a massive TSUNAMI of the most epic newgrounds content, I can forgive that because you would probably need an hour-long video of 3-second clips to fill that void; but you seem to resort to constant penis-jokes (I'm aware penises are highly favorable by Newgrounds goers, but seriously; come on.) and a few 4chan memes. It's as if you honestly COULDN'T think of anything else! Why the hell would you include specific non-newgrounds content (Over Nine-thousand, Shoop De Whoop; just to name a couple) in addition to filler in an already short and limited film? I could see if the flash was 10MB long and you added some bits and pieces here and there, but the flash was incredibly short to boot!

In short, the flash honestly wasn't that funny. To someone who's been around NG for years, they'd think it was a dried-up turd baking in the sun; and to someone who hasn't been here for more than a few weeks, they wouldn't get the majority of jokes. The video appeals to no audience other than a braindead idiot who would laugh at just about anything (no offense, 97% of newgrounds users!). Since the animation is for comedy purposes, I am judging based off of humor, nothing else. 4/10; and I'm being awfully lenient.

The animation, however, was pleasing. Fast-paced and, although sloppy, entertaining to watch. The music fit well and was a good choice in my opinion. I must say keep up the good work animating; although I am not sure if humor is really your specialty.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars


Some of these were pretty funny. I'm surprised there wasn't really an "Awesome" joke. Not bad, entertaining, but production-wise, it needed some more. This is a good concept, and could be executed brilliantly.


chainsaw728 responds:

I wanted to do an Awesome joke, but I can't do Egoraptor's voice very well.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

i couldnt masturbate to it only dicks im a fukin man damn it


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


first off let me just say this, by far the biggest negative of your whole flash was your sound design. it was beyond abysmal. do us all a favor. take all of the sounds out of the flash, compile them in audacity, and fucking BRING DOWN THE VOLUME. jesus fuck my eardrums. you would have gone from a 3/10 to a 6/10 for this step alone.

second, your disclaimer defeats your flashes purpose. never make excuses for what you do, just do it. otherwise, you look like a pussy. instead of saying "hey dont worry guys its all just a joke im not being serious i actually like what im making fun of," say "i made this because it reflects my honest opinions. if you dont like it, suck my dick." trust me, the second way will get you MUCH funnier reviews.

third, this exact flash has been done so so many times. NG satire is extremely common. all ng fads die? flash comedy extravaganza? how 2 succeed on newgrounds? metal gear funnies? all pretty much the exact same thing as this. you even used a few of the exact same jokes, whether you meant to or not.

so good intentions, but if you're doing a satire, make it meaningful, make it biting and sarcastic, and most of all make it original... dont touch on points that have been rehashed a thousand times. otherwise, your words will fall on deaf ears. how many 10/10 reviews do you think are being written by actual fans of the cartoons you're criticizing? a lot. that means your message isnt coming through.

chainsaw728 responds:

Each of the 3 flashes that you mentioned are all 100% satire. My flash is more like a representation of my love/hate relationship with Newgrounds. When I said that I don't hate everything that I'm making fun of, I really meant it. I don't care about being biting or sarcastic. I don't care about preaching to Newgrounds about anything. I only made this flash for the simple fun of it. Even though there is some wisdom in what you say, I don't have any regrets about how I made this.

P.S. The reason the sounds are so loud is because I compiled them in Audacity and made them as loud as fucking possible. I'm not doing anyone any favors. Just turn down your volume if it bothers you that much.