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Feb 13, 2009 | 8:30 PM EST

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Happy Valentines Day!
NOTE! This is not a "hardcore gaming experience"...its just simple and more artistic, so please don't get upset about this...
SUPER NOTE! Please See Edits Below!
Explore the monochromed world of B&W searching for your special emotions...

This was something I have been making over the past week, spending many hours on it. This game can be beaten in less than a minute, but then if you do that, you miss out on exploring the intricate world. Use arrows to move. There are many little hidden things in the world that can be interacted with, simply find them and click them, and in a few cases, you must do this to continue your journey.

The game is rather graphic intensive, despite its purposeful sketchy appearance. Reduce quality in the context (Right-Click) menu.

Anyways, happy Valentines Day!
(Oh, in Australia, we spell it Colour, its not a typo...)

EDIT// When you get to the Barrier, turn on the power, just in case you get stuck.
EDIT// Front-page and Collections!?! =D <3 You all!
EDIT// Score >4! and >9! AND >100k views! Thx! -^,,^-
SUPEREDIT!// WOW! Im really thrilled about the responses from all of you! Thank-you SO MUCH for all your great responses! I do read all of the reviews, but can no longer reply to all of them...I did update some things as requested by users. Oh, and PLEASE NOTE! To get past the barrier on the large vent, follow the cable and flip the switch by clicking it! Thanks. =)
-Removed a glitch in the ending scene.
-REMOVED LAG! (thanks Juice-Tin). The lag is now GREATLY reduced, so enjoi a much more free-flowing game!
-Increased jump height to make the pillar hoping easier (as requested).



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I feel like this would be a fantastic game...

If I could fucking move. I've had this problem playing Coma as well, where no matter what I do, no matter how many times I press the arrow keys, I can't move. I really want to play this game, the visual style looks fantastic, but I can't fucking move.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


sorta short, but I love the graphics and the music, and the message :)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


So great, I'm only taking a break to write this review.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


it could be better i like it


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Wonderful job!

I'd come across 'Heartbeats' a while back, and have been wholly inspired to do SOMETHING to do just music justice in another medium...without any success.

...then I checked broove's page today, and was shocked to learn someone had beat me to the punch! Oh NO! "What if it's fantastic? I've got this driving compulsion in my head to DO something - what'll happen to my sanity if someone ELSE does what needs to be done?"

But then I thought "But what if it SUCKS?!? 'Heartbeats' is - to use an overdone term - EPIC; it deserves something equally beautiful and sad and inspiring and poignant to suit it!"

...and then I came over a saw this, and tried it, and both concerns were quelled.

It's GREAT! I'm an old warhorse from the arcades in the 80's and my reflexes are gone, and I was never big on jumping puzzles (or "Donkey Kong shit" as I call it ;) ) but I was fine with this. (I actually COMPLETED IT, which is saying something about my old, impatient, clumsy self :) )

It suits the song wonderfully, and the finish? Hits that brave, inspiring note that shows up several times in the music.

...and yet, it doesn't 'steal' from the story that Heartbeats creates in my mind; the 'movie' I see is different enough that I doubt anyone would say one or the other of us is just ripping the other off. :)

And your work is beautiful! I kinda rushed through it the first time, but have replayed it to check out all the little nuances and details you created - fan-DIRTYWORD-tastic! I *think* I've found all the little easter eggs you put in, but I guess I'll just *have* to go back and check some more to be sure, eh? ;)

Thanks for this great thing, and thanks for giving broove's work some great accompaniment!

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