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Jan 22, 2009 | 2:06 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place January 23, 2009

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  • Foamy's Rant
    Foamy's Rant Foamy likes to speak his mind about the things that piss him off!

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Indeed Foamy, Indeed.

I've got to agree with Foamy on this one. I'm a guy, and I for one think that make-up and the whole "fixing yourselfup" thing is very self-destructive in the long run. Yeah, I know, "I don't know because guys don't have to do that", but think about it. Both guys and girls start the day exactly the same way except that women add the additional step of changing their body's appearance to look "better", pretty much starting their day by saying "I don't look good enough". Besides that, make-up can actually damage your skin fairly severly in the long run. I have an aunt who has to wear make-up every day to cover the pock marks she got because she began wearing make-up too often when she was too young and onwards. If you're going to play the "unattainable beauty portrayed by the fashion industry" card, your damn right its unattainable. Models are DEATHLY underwieght, the proportions of Barbie when applied by scale to an average woman's hieght would mean her stomach/rib-cage would be the same size as a HOUSE CAT'S, and the pictures that you see on the covers of magazines are so airbrushed they might as well be CGI. Finally, if you still think that no one will find you physically attractive, remember two things: the saying "different strokes for different folks" and Rule #34 (in a non-creepy and non-perverted way).

Well, that's the end of my rant. Might be a little pointless, seeing as how I just backed up Foamy's rant with an almost identical one, but I felt that he was a bit "trollish" about it and I felt that a more positive message should be portrayed as well.

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Yet another priceless rant

Ah, blame society. We women are programmed this way since we are born. Take Barbie, little kids toys that teach us that we must be perfect.

Besides, men are muscular and the like--until they're whatever age and have a beer gut and wrinkles too. Both genders deceive each other!

Oh and by the way, did anyone realize they're actually selling lacy thongs for young kids (like young elementary kids) across the web? Scary. Now THAT is something to really rant about!

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No Make Up, No Worries

I don't wear make up, and it's awesome! My eye itches, I scratch it without looking like a raccoon afterwards. Going swimming? Doesn't look like I'm in a horror flick.

The only thing I'll wear occasionally is some lip gloss, least then you don't have cracks in your lips like a friggin desert.
:D Hilarious

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saggy bewbs and warts

To avoid the horrible eventuality portrayed in this episode I propose that the legal age be lowered to 5. Also it should be legal to kill off your female spouse. Problem solved, No saggy bewbs coz they too young and no old women or women with imperfections coz they dead.