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Jan 17, 2009 | 4:04 PM EST

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UPDATE!! Added a viewers request, you can now configure the keys however you want to. Go to options when the game starts, the click configure next to controls, then click set next to the key and then hit whatever key you want it to be...that simple...enjoy! :)

There will be more enemies, there will be more then 2 buildings there will be more everything, hence it being a work in progress.
Glitches will be fixed, moves will be fixed, anything missing will be added, please bare with me and try to avoid ignorant reviews.

An artist creates a world "Era-sula" and creates a hero in which can do anything they desire "Eraser Man". Eraser Man abuses his powers for personal gain and thus angers the creator. Right before the creator strips him of his powers, he gives him an ultimatium, "Fight your way back from Hell to Era-sula and learn the path you are destined to walk, or forever remain in purgatory". Eraser Man agrees upon the quest and is sent to Hell to fight back and claim his legacy. The only question is, will he achieve it?

Creators Notes:
This is a work in progress, I have redesigned the first level (whats there so far) as well as changed the control system.


--Left and Right = Movement
--Down = Crouch
--A = Punch
--S = Kick
--Crouch and Kick = Crouch Kick
--Jump and Kick = Jump Kick
--SPACE = Jump
--SHIFT = Block
--D = Gauge Kill
--CTRL = Pause

--When the special bar fills, do forward, forward, punch or back, back, punch to do one of his specials.
(warning, may take getting used to, to achieve the special.
--When the circle Gauge Kill gauge fills, press D to use Gauge Kill
--Holding crouch, then jump, then releasing crouch will allow you to jump higher
--Theres a freelife somewhere on the buildings





Rated 4 / 5 stars May 13, 2009

Better and better

Everytime I check up on this thing I like it more! I really like the new background you're using, and the control feels a bit tighter to me now as well. I know this is all just a placeholder demo to show off the scripting and gameplay elements, but I think it's absolutely ready for a full demo level to wade through, with a taste of plot exposition to whet the appetite!

Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!
I want, I want, I want!

scarce responds:

it's almost ready, I added a combo system, special moves, score system, multipliers, and still adding, I have the entires 2 stages for the first level drawn out and planned and the story is set...not much longer before the Eraser Man Demo is released WOO

you'll get, you'll get, you'll get


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars January 17, 2009

Ok so....does anything happen?

I mean, 5 minutes of loop is enough, really. You should at least warn people.
The attack animations are ok. The background is hella cool. The characters are pretty pathetic. I mean, ok, they're erasers, but we both know that's a pretext to avoid drawing bodies, eh?
I liked the music.

scarce responds:

This review is what I call desensitization. There's a little thing called originality that comes to play whenever something wants to do something no one else has done. You have a closed mind and draw conclusions of a proposterous nature. Why don't you look through my deviantart and tell me I can't draw a body.

Have a hectic day


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars January 17, 2009

pretty good

the game is good, but it needs to have some story. the enemies should get harder, and the kick shouldn't be so far ranged.(its just ownage.)

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scarce responds:

The plots the story :) yeah I noticed that myself about the kick, I'll fix that, thanks for playing :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars January 17, 2009

good i guess

the animation for the attacks were cool and worked well and looked cool and it was nice that there were 4 attacks to use although i think that you should have been able to built up the special attack by fighting instead of it regenerates by itself. the aniation was good at first but then it got boring cause after a while it was just a street and a mountain on fire in the backround and i lost interest cause the game layout wasnt that good. and somthing else that got boring was the enemies. although they were drawn nice i would have like others like some that fly, some that pop ut of the ground, or maybe some that shoot things you have to dodge? well i hope you can make the final version awsome and i cant wait for it!

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scarce responds:

Don't worry there, will be a variety of enemies rest assured. I only have two buildings drawn and I haven't put any sub bosses or bosses yet, all in due time :). Thanks for viewing


Rated 3 / 5 stars January 17, 2009

Needs more challenge

It's been said before, it's too easy, but as you stated "This is a work in progress", so that's hopefully going to change, so here are a few things I think could improve:
-harder opponents (too easy too kill, and they should make more annoying movements like jumping) (opponents with long range attacks)
-not only fighting left and right but also use up and down (higher platforms)
-possibility to configure keys (!very important! for people with a different keyboard layout before you ask: no I don't have any idea how much lines of code that would mean :p)

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scarce responds:

I'll check into being able to allow custom control schemes, thats something I could stick under options possibly. There are platforms, didn't you jump around? When you on higher platforms the enemies follow you. Thanks for playing.