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Jan 3, 2009 | 12:14 AM EST
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(Update: 1/7/09) - To those of you with questions, I can assure you all of them can easily be answered in the scene selection. By clicking the "?" next to each scene's icon, an info-screen will pop-up showing who animated it, who wrote it, who did voices in it and what music was used in it. Richie and I worked hard on the menu to make sure that all of these typical questions could be easily answered, so give the scene select a gander for all of the answers you seek!


Okay so, originally I was gonna give a stereotypical "marketing speech" to go along with the release of this movie like "THE BIGGEST VIDEO GAME PARODY COLLAB EVER TO HIT NEWGROUNDS FEATURING BLAH AND BLAH BLAH WITH SPECIAL GUEST STARS BLAH BLAH BLAH!" but that's become beyond ridiculous by this point so I'll save it.

This collab is NOT intended to be the most original, the most creative, hell not even the most "funny" thing in the world. It's literally just another collection of NG-style Video Game Parodies made by a bunch of guys who wanted to have some fun. If you happen to get any of that same fun or enjoyment out of it in the process, then that's good and I think all of us will appreciate that. If not, well then that's fine too. Either case, it is what it is. Hopefully that's acceptable enough.

Regardless, I'm incredibly proud of how this project turned out...and nothing to do with what I myself had brought to it, but what everyone else has done. I can't believe how incredible the animation for this project has turned out and I owe all of the talented folks that joined in for that. There were a LOT of segments that unfortunately weren't finished being animated, with a few that were also taken out for various reasons. So to everyone who contributed to this project, even if you didn't get to finish, thank you SO much for putting the time in and being part of this final video game parody of mine. I hope everyone will enjoy $00pah NiN10Doh! for what it is and get a good laugh or two.

BIG special thanks to Tom Fulp for the sponsorship and support for this project and JohnnyUtah for helping me compile this monster during a dire situation!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


That was funny.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Before you read this, know that I HATE VIDEO GAME PARODIES!

This has got to be the funniest flash I have seen a long time.
-The animation was unbelievable.
-I loved the voice acting. End of story.

By Sketch:

1. Mario Party: very funny. Mario and Luigi's voices were great, and Peach is hilarious.
2. Excitebike: I'm glad this one was short. The joke only needed a few seconds.
3. This one was really funny. I don't even know that game, but I love deadpan jokes.
4. Pikmin: I honestly didn't expect that ending. Very funny
5. Kirby1: I absolutely love Kirby's voice in this. I hate that high pitched voice he always gets. This "college kid voice" is PERFECT for him. Waddle Dee's voice made this a favorite though.
6. Duck Hunt: Honestly, this is one of, if not the best joke in the flash. It's so insane love it.
7. StarFox1: PERFECT animation. Flawless and smooth. Once again, the voice acting is perfect and hilarious.
8. ROB: I don't care what everyone else says, I love this one. Irony is the one of the last remaining forms of wit, and I love it just the same.
9. Zelda: My favorite, no contest. I read in the "?" part of this sketch that one guy did all of the Links. He is ONE TALENTED voice actor. Damn that was EXTREMELY FUNNY.
10. Diddy-Kong: Tied with Zelda. I love this joke. What made this my favorite is Dixie's voice. Once again it is PERFECT.
11. WARIO: Very funny. Nuff said.
12. DK: Is that Shigeru Miyamoto?
13. Game & Watch: "Did I Win?" ololololol
14. Master Hand: My least favortie. Still funny though.
15. POKEMON XXX: Hilarious. Todd Snap is so funny.
16. Fire Emblem: Ah, so goddamn true, right?
17. Kirby2: What won me over is, once again, Kirby's voice. That "yay" at the end made me burst out laughing.
18. StarFox2: Another favorite. Falco is such punk-ass, isn't he. I love how Fox looks like he isn't even listening. What won me over in this scene was when Falco goes "Personally, I prefer your mother!" and when the toad goes "Hey wanna go get some dinner later?," and fox is like "NO!"
19. Pokemon: Again, so fucking true...Also what won me over is when the female train points up in the sky and says "WE GO FOR GOD!" that reminded me of gurren lagann.
20. Tetris: Funny
21. Metal Gear!!!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


I really thought this was great. I had loads of fun watching it and from the looks of it you all had as much fun making it.

Mario Party - The animation was great and it made me chuckle in a few parts, the voice on Bowser really did it for me.
Excitebike - I actually expected this one to suck due to predictability. The crash made me lol though, so silly lookin.
Low, low, low - I have no idea what this game is so I don't get it.
Olimar- Haaa, good one
Revenge of Meta Knight - Awesome animation and voice acting, loved the Waddle-De with the sailor cap.
Duckbill hunting - Wooow, great twist on a classic.
Starfox Perventures - Great animation but umm.. what?
Pokemon Snap XXX - WHAT! Dunka dunka dunka dunka. Funny as hell.
Majesty of ROB - I didn't get this one much, either.
Campfire of the Four Swords - The animation and art style were amazing with a few good jokes in there too.
Kongcest - I wonder if they really are related.
Wario - I play a lot of Wario Ware and just that makes this one so much better.
Planet of the Kongs - Hahaha, one of my favorites.
Cook - Had a charm to it, funny stuff. Mr. Game & Watch voiced by: Your Mom
Master Hand - Let see him shake if off this time.
More Pokenudes - It took me a bit to get the joke, "Sell it! Sell it! Sell it like your selling Diamonds and Pearls!" The pause button thing was good too.
Fire Emblem Truths - Sad that it's kinda true.
Starfox Drama Mission - Chris Zito did an awesome job with Falco, animation was as great as before.
Pokemon the 5th Generation - Yeah, Nintendo backed themselves into a corner there.
Tonight, on Tetris - Perfect blend to drama and tetris.
Final Battle - I see a large cast on this one. Great way to end it, Jigglypuff gave me a great feeling of nostalgia.

You're all amazing and I hope to see more work from all of you.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Video has great animation, but jokes are dry

I'm sorry, I can't stand Chris Niosi's pointless screaming anymore. I honestly watched this video because I saw Pikanjo and Josaph in the additional animation areas. Here are my problems with the video.

1. Too much pointless screaming. Seriously, EVERYONE has to be screaming?
2. Unessesary Nudety. It could have really done without it.
By segments
1. Not funny at all. There is a certain level of random, and once you cross that line, it stops being funny and goes on the brink of ANNOYING.
2. I saw exitebike, I knew what was comming. Whats worse, I didn't laugh at all.
3. Pointless...
4. Didn't get it.
5. Meh, I just like the animation.
6. I don't even know...
7. I bet they had fun drawing that.
8. I get what the joke is supposed to be. Killed by the over abuse of "AWSOME" screams from past videos.
9. I chucked. Meme's are overused and no longer funny when you know when they are going to come.
10. meh.
11. meh.
12,13, and 14. They were not funny at all. I can't even say anything about it...
15. Pikanjo :-) Even then, it was ok.
16. The hell?
17. I saw that comming. Mabye its just his voice that ruins the video...
18. I chucked.
19. Heh...
20. This one seemed like a nice short... but you knew what was comming also.
21. Huh... stupid animation. I get random, but again, there is a certain amount of random that makes it funny.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

It was all right

This was all right, but a few things just weirded me out like motherfuckin crazy. Toad's dick creeped me out and the Pokemon xxx seriously made me think of pokemon in a very different viewpoint that i never want to see again. it was good, but it wasn't SUPER.