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US Senate doesn't care

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Dec 30, 2008 | 7:05 PM EST

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When a qualified African American, without ties to any criminal activity was appointed to the U.S. Senate, the U.S. Senate said they would refuse to seat them.



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Interesting flash

However, I think the true issue is that Blagovich had no reasonable right to appoint somebody to a position when requested by federal, state, and outgoing leaders (ie: Obama, since it was his spot), to not fill the vacancy. Likely the man chosen will be removed, and a vote by the Illinois state senate will be the ones to decide the replacement. Providing that Blagovich is removed from office at it certainly seems he will. In this case, it seems more of a matter of judgment by the man chosen for accepting such a position from Blago.


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Ah, my old friend JujubeLock [751.4]

I remember the old glory days of HNT, and though I don't see every flash you make or take part in a collab for... I do see your name grace the portal entries I happen to watch every now and then (way down from a few years ago, alas).

But this? Ah, this is a masterpiece to make me nostalgic for those old days.

I used to play this song and others at my college radio station, the Wesley Willis alone is total win. And I was just reading an article from GoogleNews about the plight of the 71 year old black dude the Illinois legislature and the US Senate democrats are both pre-judging. Simply sad.

Of course, it could be that ol' Blago didn't mention this guy's name during any of the federally wiretapped phone calls just so he could then appoint him and get some kickback and somehow be above suspicion... but then that would mean he knew he was being taped and... yeah, why not just avoid saying the things he said then, eh?

So this dude looks clean to me. Plus, he's SEVENTY-FREAKING-ONE. He'll be dead soon, he isn't looking to get elected to multiple terms, he'll just serve this partial term and then the next election can give someone else a turn, most likely.

Chicago Politics taking itself too seriously FTL. ROCK OVER LONDON, ROCK ON CHICAGO.

Oh, but just as an aside... does anyone besides Wesley think people flock to McDonalds to... "rock out"? O_O They will indeed put pounds on you there, though. :::nods::: More of a Wendy's guy myself.

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JujubeLock responds:

Ah, gfoxcook, how I missed your reviews.

Yeah, I feel bad for this guy who just got appointed. I read how some people couldn't imagine why such a reputable person would accept an appointment from Blagojevich, but when it comes down to it, I think it was his last chance at reaching a high point in his political career. The guy hasn't served in an elected position since 1995, 13 years ago, and he was beat in a Democratic primary against one of the slimiest politicians of the decade. So what is this poor guy to do? He can't win governorship or the U.S. senate seat because he is too clean to play the games, so he accepts a gift from a foe of his that he knows will be controversial, but thinks his reputation will overcome it. However, never underestimate how many terms someone can serve, don't forget Strom Thurmond. Didn't Strom die at like 100 while serving in the U.S. Senate? Though, I do agree this is likely going to be the only term this guy would serve and it would allow him to have that couple years of esteemed glory. At this point, who is really going to be willing to run in a special election to serve as a U.S. senator for only a year?

Wesley Willis RIP

I used to be a Wendy's man myself, but I had to step out of that because it isn't particularly healthy. Particularly when combined with the lack of exercise one gets when participating in a JD/MBA program.