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Why (American)Anime Sucks

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Dec 30, 2008 | 2:05 PM EST
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EDIT: HOLY CRAP! UNDERDOG! That's the first award I've ever gotten. Even if its not that prestegious (did i spell that right?) It still means a lot to a noob flash game maker/animator. Thanks a bunch guys!

Quick thing I made.
NOTE: I AM NOT TRYING TO MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE WHO LIKE ANIME SHOWS. I'M JUST TALKING ABOUT ALL THE ANIME SHOWS I'VE SEEN (not just yugioh but other stuff like naruto, bleach, and pretty much anything that has to do with a spikey haired kid, demon powers, and fighting tournaments, as much as I love violence, It's just too unrealistic)
IF YOU LIKE THOSE T.V. SHOWS, PLEASE DON'T TAKE OFFENCE, EVERYBODY HAS THEIR OWN TASTES. I'm sure there ARE good anime shows out there, I just haven't seen any.



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Animation is okay, but other than that funny and kinda true lol


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Once again >:)

Not all anime are like this. Just about all animes have their morals no matter how stupid they can be at times. Naruto is really long and all but it has serious work put into it and an actual storyline that doesnt repeat itself over and over like anime such as InuYasha does. Bleach- I dont really watch it so I can't speak for it but what I have seen is pretty cool. Anime does have a lot of work put into them. The anime Shaman King is horrible in my opinion because they did the storyline completly different from the manga, but the manga yes it is a fighting tourtament but theres more into it then that, not only the freindships and morals but the writer/artist also used real life information such as places and religons and did a lot of detailed research for his manga.
Now I agree the anime they show in America can be really stupid but there are plently of good ones on adultswim such as Wolf's Rain(aired in 2003, only 30 episodes) FLCL(I beleive 11episodes) and FMA: Brotherhood (64 episodes)
Personally I guess I can agree about Yugioh being stupid because of it being a card game and a god living in a kids body but everyone has their own imagination and ways of seeing things. Watch more animes online not on tv. Another one I suggest is Ano Hana(its nickname, 11 or 13episodes- cant remember)) beautiful and sad and simple not needing to go on and on after its maingoal is over.


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This rocks

I agree.
The spiky hair is pathetic.
This short little clip could have had a little more mentioning on the pathetically small lipless mouths, tiny pointy noses and huge horrific oval eyes.
Al long with the big boobs and the pussy lips that stick out like a pair nuts.

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I liked it, but I also like anime. If I didn't read the description I would give this a 2-5. But, because I did, 7/10


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good for you

i completely and totally agree with you and think it was an wonderful idea to put AMERICAN ANIME in the tital. seriously dude...
Yu-Gi-Oh: hair that definds gravity, friendship, an acient god living in a boy miget's body (NOT GAY AT ALL) , FUCKING CARD GAMES, all evil villens dont kill you but send you to a relm of darkness which they have proved you can escape from already by PLAYING A FUCKIN CHILDRENS CARD GAME, they're in high school and play CHILDREN FUCKIN CARD GAMES, a rich guy with a fetish for dragons, an epic slut that want to pole dance when she grows up (tia, or how ever the fuck you spell her goddamn name), and a guy with a FUCKIN BROOKLYN ACCIENT that insists he is a FUCKIN FURRY.
Pokemon:10 year olds living on the streets, FUCKIN MAGICAL CREATURES THAT NO ONE SEEMS TO THINK THATS FREAKY, they train them as pet to kill each other, they made a card game out of it that makes NO FUCKIN SENSE, where and how the fuck do they live by themselves, they where the SAME THING EVERYDAY (wait thats every anime)
every other american anime: SHIT