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Raid Gaza!

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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Dec 30, 2008 | 12:24 PM EST

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Go Raid 'Em.



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Get your facts right!

You might actually want to get your facts right. Hamas willfully and purposely fire rockets at Israeli civilian targets, with the sole intention of causing as many civilian deaths as possible, and have for the last 8 years. The low number of deaths is due to Israel pouring resources into building bomb shelters and warning systems that allow the residents of sderot somewhere in the region of 10-15 seconds to get to safety, wherever they may be. Hamas rockets have hit schools, kindergardens, shopping centres and bus stations. The Gazan residents who are killed would often be saved, if Hamas (who recieve billions in "humanitarian aid" from Iran, Syria and other, larger terrorist groups such as Al Qaidah) didn't refuse to build any shelters or warning systems, because each of their own civilians who is killed is a victory for them, and a failure for Israel.

Hamas purposely hide the manufacturing laboratories and launch spots for their rockets within densely populated areas, using mosques, hospitals, school and civilian houses as human shields to ensure that Israel won't fire at them. Israel spends large amounts of time and money actually WARNING people in these buildings that they are intending to bomb them, and give them time to leave. If the residents warn Hamas in time, they bring women and children on to the roofs of these buildings, knowing that if Israel find out in time, they will call off the attack, and that if they don't, Hamas will have the "victory" of showing the dead civilians to the world media.

Israel's actions are legal according to international law, the Hamas' are not. Hamas use the Palestinians as human shields, Israel's actions are an attempt to protect their own civilians. Even Hamas admit that the vast majority of the people killed in Gaza in this last action are militants. Many world leaders, including a number from Arab nations such as Egypt, Turkey and Jordan, have issued statements condemning HAMAS, not Israel, for the current hostilities and for causing so many civilian casualties. Many Arab diplomats have less openly given Israel a message, not asking them to stop, but telling us to make sure we don't fail, because Hamas are a danger to all the non-fanatical Muslim and Arab countries.

Trust me, if Israel wanted to kill Palestinian civilians, we have the fire power to wipe out every single person in Gaza within minutes. Israel only want to stop the firing of rockets on our own civilians. Try imagining sleeping in a bomb shelter every night, and being scared to send your kids to school - for eight years!! -, because you know that schools are prime targets for the Hamas. I've lived in that reality, and I've run for the nearest bomb shelter hundreds of times in the last few years. I've proudly served in the IDF, and I know for certain that we have done our utmost to limit civilian casualties while being in the difficult situation of fighting terrorists who hide among unarmed civilians. What other country would have let another country fire rockets at their cities for even 8 days, never mind eight years, and maybe you'll realise that Israel isn't so evil after all!

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123rony is right...

dear author you said: "Are Arabs even human to you? In your mind, they seem to represent the ultimate evil. " 123rony doesnt say ARABS he says HAMAS
im an israeli and there are shitload of arabs just wandering around in israel arabs are cool and nice!
the HAMAS on the other hand are not so well mannered.. as 123rony said.. they just want to exterminate us and kick us from our land.
I have a friend whos in the army right now (im not cuz i finished my 3 years or service) and my friend is fighting in gaza strip for my right to live in this land.
why? cuz we have to. if you notice IDF means Israeli Defense Force we dont go assassinating their leaders or decide one morning to Wipe gaza (and we can) what were doin is DEFENDING our right to have this country, our soldiers stand and guard the most protected places ever just from fear they can bomb civilians there..

they have the right to have their own land.. yet what they want is ours.. what they have is not enough for them.. so they attack, we defend.

we bombed a mosque you must have heard of that.. though what you didnt hear is they have shitload of ammunition in there

you dont know everything... neither are we.. but we know more than you..
you got to live here to feel what we feel.


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Israel may have killed more people but When the terrorists stop bombing them they will stop the attack. This is about Gaza terrorists not civillians. ITs unfortunate that civillians get hit but Hamas are using human shields to prevent them beinging targeted they are hiding in schools so that when Israel say " Bollocks to getting attacked we have to defend our selfs" hamas will look all moral when in fact they are a bunch of Cowards who need to hide behind Children to feel tough. Im sorry if you are in Gaza being bombed by people who you have likly grown up to hate but eventually someone has to stand up to Terrorists. America has done it and no1 likes it , Britian has done it and no1 likes it and Now isreal are doing the same, but in the future our children and there children will look on these events and be able to see them objectivly. And hopefully they will relise that israel and anyone who stands upto bullys was right to do so

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yo pesonally i realy dont care if this game wus called raid israel.. or raid usa or what eva country... i like the game but i bet u would be very pissed if othercountry wus attacking ur country and ur fellow cittezens were dieing and they made a game about it.. sooo if this game wusnt bout 2 spesific coumtries i would give it 8 stars but sorry dude... i mean i would be pissed if my country wus under attack =/ peace out guyz ...

raidgaza responds:

OK, that's it. My next game will be called "Nuke Turkey - Because That Would Really Piss Off The Turks".


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Shame on you

This is NOT something to be laughed about.

This review was written from Israel. Try to live here for a week and then we'll see what you say.

You are beshamed by the people of Gaza and Israel as one.