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Dec 30, 2008 | 12:24 PM EST

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Go Raid 'Em.



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars April 10, 2011

I honestly don't get you people...

Most people don't know a thing before they open their mouth.
Show me another country that sends planes with fliers saying "Please evacutate this area since we are going to retaliate for the last offense" 60 minutes before a bombardment? Or the fact that the food, medicine, power and water come from Israel?
Why won't anyone say anything about what happened with Russia a year ago? Not all Gaza people are bad, I am sure, but their leaders are rotten to the core. Just like Kadafi they fire missles from residential areas so we would hit them back and hurt civilians. Me, myself I belive Israel should send Guerilla to kill only the terrorists themselves, but that really is not possible.

But okay, let's say you are right, we should not attack. What then? When will they stop firing missles, raping women from near the border, kill 2 month old babies? When we give them their land? Please... If we have to give them the land, Americans should give their lands back to the Indians, and whoever ever settled anywhere should give it up for the original settlers. But alas, the world is not like that, for 100,000 years humans fought for territory, what's so different now? Atleast compared to the other cases, Israel does not annihilate Gaza. Actually Israel, and it's citizens don't want Gaza, they can have it, and just like 10+ years ago, we can live in peace, but they won't want that, so what should anyone do?

So please, know your facts before you all speak up. Come here, with a blank slate, and look at both sides equally. I wonder who'd stab you (Unless you say "I am here to photograph you suffering for the world to see"), just like the case with that christian nun 3 months ago.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars February 23, 2011


The game is too short.

2 Grads just landed in my town. seriously.


Rated 0 / 5 stars November 27, 2010

i dunno...

listen if you're so much against israel that your gonna make games about it why not adda some realistic facts such as it's not one missiel versus alot it's 100+ missiles a day

raidgaza responds:

"realistic facts" - as in, not real but appearing to be real? The truth? 8 years of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel - 28 dead Israelis. That's a real fact though, maybe not what you were after?


Rated 4 / 5 stars June 30, 2010

Palestinians got 0wn3d

Palestinians are getting killed because they didn't agree diplomaticly with Israel? That is rich. Israel doesn't want anything that inculdes the word "diplomatic" Anyway...

Great game. You should add some pop-up messages giving information about this issue to the player. Like did-you-know facts.

I may understand the reason behind Israeli soldiers raiding aid flotillas. They don't want people there alive. Sure If the palestinians had better missiles and bombs they would DEFINITELY use them and kill more israelis. That's the logical thing to do. Because it's impossible solve this issue diplomaticly. The only thing they understand is force.

Stupid and ignorant people will only listen to the jewish side. America is bringing democracy and gonna stick it into our foreign asses.


Rated 4 / 5 stars November 27, 2009

Amazing gameplay, yet an unfair game.

The gameplay is excellent, overall.
However, it is unfair. The game shows only one side of the conflict.
If you would have given the option to play the palestinian side, or perhaps a diplomatic minigame, in which you show the Israeli's attempt to negotiate with the religiously-brainwashed Hamas. (Note that I have said Hamas, not the Palestinian people as whole).
I DO think that this is almost how war is being waged in Israel (or rather in Gaza), but it is unfair to show your point and your point only, without even giving a link to a place that shows a point different than yours.
This is the only thing stopping me from giving you a 5.
Might I add that this is an excellent propaganda-ish game, for 2 main reasons: The first is because it has excellent gameplay, and the second is because it incorporates the creators political point of view into every aspect of the game.

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