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Tales of Horror - Walter

rated 3.90 / 5 stars
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Dec 16, 2008 | 9:07 PM EST

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Author Comments

Just that special playmate for everyone...
Walter is an interesting flash for me. I wanted to work on more of the storytelling aspect of flash and try to go scene to scene with it. I was intriqued by the comment left on my last flash "Inspiration" that talked about the concept of "inner conflict". I thought about it for a while, and suddenly I thought up "Walter". Walter, the enity who does nothing but evil without hesitation, and without resistence from those he plays upon. I don't believe in good and evil, so the idea of an entity that is nothing but pure evil, I find frightening. This is the result. I took some elements from my last flash "Inspiration" and incorporated it here. I hope it goes well with wacthers. I had alot of trouble with the music, but I think I worked it out the best I could. Enjoy...
12-8-08 - 12-16-08
4 Minuets, 27 seconds.
8500 frames.
123 layers.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just because you don't believe something is true, it doesn't mean it isn't, really... Scary, greatly done story. And, you know? The simple drawing, somehow, just adds to the horror. I thank you for sharing it with us... but I'm afraid I won't recommend it to everybody I know; some of them would never sleep again... ^_^


Rated 0 / 5 stars

The only ones you can trust are the ones with no balance. Everyone does something wrong they think is right. which leads to the 1 thing. the 1 thing that rewins it. the 1 thing, that rewins everything. possession is when you make friends with someone nice. possession happens to everyone. it's called, influence. everyone dies. then everyone is reborn. When somebody doesn't get reborn, they resist, the become a spirit. spirits influence. spirits, don't like being lonely. spirits, force you. we're all spirits. except... a little soft... I'm not rating this 0 because I didn't like it. I'm rating 0 because this was an explination. not a review. 19 years...


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A good story

I hate to rate it a little low but there good reasons. It wasn't the graphics it wasn't the tale itself but to me it was the pacing of the tale. To me it felt a little rushed to me the horror theme to it was in the gold mark in my mind but I hated how quick it was made. Again it felt a little rushed, I felt pure emotions like a reader drawn into the facination of grim settings and the macabre atmosphere. To me it was a classic telling of the true boundaries of good and evil. And what I love about horror stories and tale is not just the monsters, Not just the unsetteling atmospheres that are present, but the classic fact that evil manifests in many shape or forms. I hope one day you return to this route I can imagine you being the next horror maker on this very site. Pace yourself with the story and soon you will become a true master of terror. I'm giving you a fair 7/10 and a 4/5. Let the shadows loom and have a pleasent evening.

AddressUnknown responds:

Thank you for your insight. This animation was not actually pre-meditated or planned. It was more of an experiment to see how well I could translate any sort of horror tale into flash and how audiences would react to it. I pretty much made the flash on the fly and made it up as I went along as more of a prelude to the next entry in the series - The Banshee.
After a year's haitus, I've finally got my own computer once again and I'm hoping to make another entry into the series soon enough.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice story!

The story was scary, even though the drawings might be quite simple, i don't think it changes the effect the horror has. If anything it suits!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Kick ass

you should turn this into a seiries dude