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Plan B - Bizzness Woman

rated 3.99 / 5 stars
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Dec 14, 2008 | 5:40 PM EST

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Hey, okay, this flash may get confusing at times but before you leave a review sating your confused PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK :
/watch?v=a_EMIciVI8g&feat ure=

This was based on a music video made by Plan B.

I really tried hard making this flash, please, please be nice while writing reviews and judging.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


I love this song by Plan B he is a complete legend I hope you make more flashes on "The Plan B Project," can't wait to see them! Well done!

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Murad136 responds:

Why thank you Joshi :)

Yeah, a new one is on it's way soon.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

An interesting portrayal

I see you've gone for the higher meanings of the lyrics of this particular piece, it's a testament to the fact that you've actually sat and listened to the lyrics over and over again - something that I'm struggling to do, in order to better see your portrayal.

Still, it's a nice piece in the style of the ever popular 'madness' series. I'm not sure about the animation of Plan B on top of the building, as it looks like he's taking some sort of sick twisted pleasure in watching this story play out below him and that he's having a wank over it all - you might want to reconsider his hand movements if you edit it.

I think that the vocal pieces that occurred in the song needed some better sort of animation style than Madness, as it has never really lent itself toward facial expression and lip-syncing. If you worked on that, you'd be able to give us your own interpretation of the piece with your own animations, which would earn yourself much more kudos in future.

Not a bad start, keep up the good work and I look forward to more of your stuff.

[Review Request Club]

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Murad136 responds:

Thanks, you've given me some inspiration to make it comic book themed, it would take much more time but it would look nice, hey, I'll try it tout for my next Plan B flash, thanks! Well thanks for your review ;)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good music video

The video was done pretty nicely. I liked the camera zooms and the movement, even though it sometimes seemed a bit too hectic, moving to the left, then a few seconds after that moving over to the right again, etc. .

The mouthes where a nice addition, so it was easy to figure out which character was supposed to be speaking, but the mouths changed their position all the time. It would be better if they stayed in one position, only changeing size and shape.
Also, the lip syncing needs some more work here, but I guess it's quite a hard thing to do that.

The most annoying thing however was that typo at the end. "Your arrested"! My what? :P

Also, the movement of the hand of the guy on the roof was a bit weird, too. He was moving his hand even though he wasn't rapping anymore. Looked a bit like he was jacking off up there. XD

But overall I enjoyed this movie. You managed to visualize the lyrics of the song pretty well. I especialy liked how that "Bizzness Woman" took out her cellphone before the actual line was sung. This added a lot of dynamic to the flash, as if everything was happening in real time and some crazy dude was just rapping about what he saw.

{ Review Request Club }

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Murad136 responds:

Yay! It was a pleasure reading your review, I especially loved the last bit as that was exactly what I was trying to capture! Thanks, it was my first time I properly worked with zooming and scrolling. Good advice, next time I'll actually spend time on syncing instead of drawing random lines when the character is speaking. Oh crap! Thanks for bringing the typo to my attention ;)! Hahah, yeah, I'll be honest, I just couldn't be bothered to do much on Plan B (the rapper), anyways, thanks for the review! ;)!


Rated 3 / 5 stars


I decided to split mine into sections due to it's length:

Animation/Graphics: The graphics were decent, and animation was ok. Adding hands to all the characters will improve the layout a bit, feet would be another anatomical feature that is missing(everyone might be wearing dresses). Movement was decent as the characters slid around the room.

Audio/Animation(mouth): Lip syncing is a difficult task and attempting it was a good try, however the mouths fly all over the characters mouth. Try keeping the mouth in one position, changing the size and slight alterations to shape could express words better. Even though this is not my kind of song I will ignore this as the scene corresponds to the song well.

Overall this was not bad for a music video, just needs a little more touching up here and there. Good luck on your next submission.

(Review Request Club)

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Murad136 responds:


Okay, I'll take the hands and mouths into account!

Thanks again!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not that bad.

Animation/Graphics - Not bad at all. A bit better than what you usually put out there. I liked the zoom ins and outs that you used here. I don't know how to do them myself actually. I would like to do them in a flash project that I'm working on so how do you do the zooms like you do? The only real problems with the animation is that sometimes it would be faster in some parts than others, but that wasn't too much of a problem. The other problem would be the mouth animations. I've practiced with making mouths so I know how hard it it myself, but a little work on the mouth animation would make this look much better.

Story/Content - I'm not going to check out the original movie video just because I don't have the time or the internet connection to do it, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you made a decent tribute to it. To be honest I couldn't really follow what was going on so maybe you could add a part in your author comments about what is going on or just putting the lyrics themselves so I had something to read along with for better understanding. This was much longer than most of your submissions and did have a story unlike most of your submissions so that's where you got the extra couple of points from me since I'm usually giving you 6's.

Audio - Not really my type of music. Is this what you kids are listening to nowadays? :( Ha, well like I mentioned before the mouths could have been synced with the audio just a little bit better and the quality of the audio could have been a little bit better, but it does sound like you compressed the audio, which I appreciate because of the low file size I could actually review it.

Overall - Just a couple of things could have been cleaned up, but probably a little bit better than most of your stuff.

~ Review Request Club ~

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Murad136 responds:

Thanks Corks! Always happy to read your reviews!

Animation : Basically it's called V-Cam. It's basically a square that works like a camera. I''ll send you mine when you want it! Thanks! Yeah, if I would have tried lip-syncing it would have taken me an extra week, it's pretty hard!

Story : Well, the flash is basically the exactly the same as the video but of course the video is way better! I know it was long but honestly it only took one days work to do :) (She's going home from work in a dodgy area)

Audio : Yeah, glad you noticed the file size! Heheh, he's my favourite rapper (rap is not my fav music though, I'm not a gangsta ;) ) and I'm doing flashes for all his songs. He's really under-rated. So stay tuned (I've always wanted to say that) as there is much more to come!

Again, thanks corks!