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Dec 11, 2008 | 4:30 PM EST

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Naruto CC 4

Version 0.9.5
- New Title Screen and Song
- More recolours
- Tobi Mask
- Rasengan (effect)
- Male/Female face patterns have been merged

Version 0.9.4 is complete (well like 90% but whatever)
- Added color variations for nearly every item! (recoloring 500+ things takes time)
- New Effects (Gaara's Sand)
- New Items (Sandaime Hokage Hat, Hidan's Scythe, Fuuma Shurikan)
- ALL village headbands have been added (also missing-nin versions)
- probably more
*Next update will include some new characters and songs* Enjoy this HUGE update!*

This is a beta only, there will be improvements in future releases.

Please notify me of bugs and feel free to suggest improvements. Enjoy Naruto Create A Character 4! I thank all those who supported this and helped to give me suggestions in my earlier post!

I will be adding the other characters when I have time. Sorry for the insane gap of time between releases, truth is I didn't work on it 24/7.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Des Rikoudou(sage of the third path)
-Sage of the third path
-All Sharingan,rinnegan,byakugan
-Can Stop time
-Can mix sharingan to rinnegan and byakugan
Partner:sage of the six path.
The legendary des he can control jutsu he can teleport and he is mixing her clan uzumaki to senju senju to uchiha uchiha to rikoudo and he is not evil he is the one who make the akatsuki he can do everything he is helping the weak one her partner is sage of the six path he is a good man and now sage of the six path have a partner he is sage of the ten path(madara uchiha) he is a evil man he is turning akatsuki to be evil and do revenge to another else.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: Noha Uchiha(Senju)
Abillities: Copy ninja art(only easy jutsu can be copy), Sharingan, Zanpakto "mikuzu kite", sage mode, advanced lighting and fire styles, can creat a genjutsu with real ilusions (in real world) only in a limmited distances), haigh speed.
Father: Mira Uchiha
Mother:Sharla Senju(human-hallow hybrid)
Ancestor:Kosu Uchiha
Weopon:Znpakto "Mikuzu Kite"(bankai: Mongenkeo Mikuzu Kite)
Vilage:Hidden leaf(posibly)
Story: Noha is not an actual person who bilong to be in naruto world but had his history changed and forsed to live here. He lived as his ancestor kosu Uchiha. For braking a divane rule he was punesht to live as a hallow. Noha learnd how to un-do a hallow form cuz his mother was a hybrid. later on Noha Uchiha was born. He baraly remember anything of his life as Kosu. After the uchiha death, when Noha came back to the livage, he found his zanpakto, and hallow steangh. For a rare chakra that he had he was hunted by some vilages. Noha met Naruto and other when Sasuke and Itachi where his cousins. 1st hokages wood style was with in Noha for the Senju blood he has along with the uchiha. Noha awakend the rinengan only few month bifor Obito/Madara started a war. After beeing saw as an Enemy by the five great nations, for a problem the actualy was cosed by his twin Sane(Sane did not possesd a hallow stengh). And now Noha Uchiha is fighting along Naruto Uzumaki!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Name: Hiro
Abilities: Lighting Blade
Best Friend: S.M. (An Unknown Hero)
Cousin: Unrelated
Dad: Unknown
Ancestor: None
Weapon: Cursed Katana
Village: None (Traveler)
Story: Hiro does not belong within the realm of Naruto but was brought there by his Friend S.M. to go on an epic journey to try and meet Naruto "The Guy who Controls the spirit of The Great Nine Tails! And Who WILL become Hokage of The Hidden Leaf Village!" Hiro is trying to find a way to bring his Girlfriend Back from the dead because she was sadly and horribly killed by a gang who's main goal is to destroy all of Japan!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Abilities:Flaming shuriken and Rapid heat discs
Ancestor:1st hokage
Weapon:fumma shuriken
Story:In the middle of a ninja tournament Raisuke watched his cousin naruto fight and he was amazed so raisuke decided to participate and he made it to the final with naruto the two cousins fought and raisuke came out victorious


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Name: Yoku

Abilities:Darkness, Blood, Life leech,

Hidden cousin: Sasuke


Ancestor:Nine tailed fox :P

Weapon: Kunai


Story:Yoku always was a talented Rogue. One day he joined a academy But the fact that he was Red eyed he knew he would have come across great punishments. One day things got out of control.
He bursted out in darkness and choked the student with darkness. After that he was going to be executed Sasuke soon realised that he was his cousin he ran up and fought for his cousin. Then the escaped being the most fearsome outlaws