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Nov 16, 2008 | 3:20 AM EST
  • Daily 5th Place November 17, 2008

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Forgive me for my bad english.


This is my second work on Flash, and my second animation posted on Newgrounds.

Finally, here's the M2 saga's second episode. There was a lot of misfortunes during the development of this project, taking it to this publishing delay, but here it is.

The story begins from the last meeting with Sonya. This time, Chun-Li will come across Reptile and some Tarkatan Warriors into this frenetic battle. I hope everyone appreciate this animation and I expect that it satisfies as many people as it's possible.

Thanks for comprehension of all my pals from Newgrounds, who supported me, constructively criticized, and helped with this animation. Special thanks to Xino for reading, translating and regionalizing my storyline.

If you don't like sprites movies, please don't waste your time.

Let your vote and your comment, if you wanna help me to make better animations in the future.
If you didn't watch the first animation, please watch it before watching this 2nd one: /portal/view/430441


* 10 MB approximately.
* Running time : 13 min duration approximately.
* 9 min approximately in actions scenes and 4 min approximately in intercalated talking scenes.
* Some extras (easter eggs) to unlock.
* 2 languages - Portuguese and English.
* 26 fps.
* No V-CAM system
* Suroy's AS Scenarios Manager to smoother animation.
* Some vectorials effects to complement the sprites.
* Suggested system requirements: Sempron 1.4GHz, 512MB RAM, 64MB GPU, or faster


Wow... I've got a 4! I can't believe it! I'll cryyyyy!!!
Thanks to everybody who watched it, voted it and is going along with my work..


I'm on Front Page... man....
I'm crying... I'm moved... I got 5th place at this day..... I don't belive this. Thanks everyone one more time... Thanks...



Rated 5 / 5 stars November 17, 2008

With love..

Thank you for this... been a while since I've seen an homage this... carefully well done.
Chun-Li was always my fav to play since the beginning. Nothing like legs to keep you enemies chins caved into there brains. The first original girl to combat gaming.

Suroy responds:

thank you very much


Rated 5 / 5 stars November 17, 2008


omg i loved this so much i didnt want it to end cant wait for the next! you did an awasome job the fight scenes were amazing!

Suroy responds:

Thank you very much


Rated 5 / 5 stars November 17, 2008


good flash but u got 2 let MORTAL KOMBAT win sometimes 2 cuz that one fight between reptile and chung li was total bull shit man.

Suroy responds:

Sorry about Strider and Chun-Li vs Reptile... but is my storyline.... Keep watching my serie. Don't be sad with me...

Thank you very much.


Rated 5 / 5 stars November 17, 2008


Cara sua animação fixou excepcional! Movimentação, utilização do cenário, efeito de camera para dar mais "força" aos golpes, trilha sonora... TUDO perfeito!
Se eu puder fazer uma crítica construtiva é que tem muita repetição nas falas dos personagens quando estes vão aplicar algum golpe (mas acho que isso não tem muito para onde fugir). Mas o que realmente me incomodou foi o barulho que a chun-li fazia toda vez que ia falar alguma coisa! ahaoiuahoiauhoaiha
De resto ta tudo perfeito mesmo! O quinto lugar do dia é pouco para você!
Abraços do Slash/Rick! - No mais nada mais!

Suroy responds:

Obrigado pelos elogios.

sobre a sua critica quanto ao audio repetitivo, realmente eu não tive pra onde fugir, estive muito limitado quanto a efeitos sonoros.
e sobre o "barulho" que você mencionou eu também não tive muita escolha, já que a série street fighter é, como eu disse anteriormente, muito limitada quando o assunto é efeito sonoro, me desculpe quanto a isso.
E mais uma vez muito obrigado pelos elogios e apoio.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars November 17, 2008

ok second try...1 thing that is noooot ok!

PLEASE LET THE MORTAL KOMBAT PEOPLE WIN TO!!! they are always losing let the street fighter die to i wanna see them having pain and blood stuff mortal kombat was one of the most bloody game of that time! and they only lose? seriously WTF!

Suroy responds:

I understand your criticism.
You ask for Midway winnings over Street Fighters.

Unfortunately I can't give you any details about my storyline, about the next events. After all, this is still the second of four episodes at least.

I must accentuate that, in a technical manner, into the first episode, Sonya was defeated by Chun-Li specifically because she has underestimated the "chinese girl". Into the second one, Chun-Li was beaten by Reptile, and didn't die just because Strider Hiryu arrived at the precise moment. Remember: Strider IS NOT from the Street Fighter Series.

While facing her off, Reptile was as brutal as in the nostalgic 2D games from Mortal Kombat Series. Did you notice that?

in duty to you guys who asked for it, there'll be blood on the next time...