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Oct 29, 2008 | 7:20 PM EDT

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With all this political crap in the air, why not hear a non-bias point of view about all politicians in general... by Foamy!



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Interesting ideals

I agree in a lot of ways, not sure that the schools are getting to far away with it....until I hear some of the talk people have to say,,,,,and I catch myself about to say.

Also, @ Shadow38375: We are not at war with Muslims (if we were then we would be at war with a massive amount of country and a few people in our own) we are fighting with a extremist group and were at war with the country's they influenced. Religion has nothing to do with who can be president. (or at least I hope so)


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Yes, yes, yes. Right on all counts.

Finally, someone who shares my views. Polititions care nothing for the people. All they care about, are their pocketbooks. You see it everywhere. Tax increases, NAFTA, and now, a black president who is also a muslim. We're at war with muslims, and now we have one leading our military. Does that look very promising for our future? I don't think so.


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And people think newgrounds is "Stupid"

It always makes me smile when someone actually stands up for what they beleive in. The only problem is getting enough people to break the mold and get out from the "good enough" standard.

This is why I have always been a fan of art. Not the shitty art that a stoner comes up with and then makes a shitty film about it, but the ones who try to make an actual point in current society. THANK YOU.


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Suck it Obama!

yeah i agree with all of it, i especially love how much obama is doing! i mean taking 8 vacations, starting 1 bill that got shot down! he's doing sooooo much! and i know you Obama fans are gonna be, "oh hes trying to to make peace in other countries not taking vacations" BULLS**T! hes making peace with neutral f-ing countries! i say Foamy 2013!


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this reminded me of some hispanic politician who gave out 2 million tax payer dollars to his family family members yearly and he also got caught spending 20,000 of money that belonged to a clinic he supposedly had to help the working man on an order of sushi.