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Oct 29, 2008 | 7:20 PM EDT

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With all this political crap in the air, why not hear a non-bias point of view about all politicians in general... by Foamy!



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Foamy should totally run for president! FIRST SQUIRREL PRESIDENT!!!


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You've Hit the Nerve

What is the saying " I'd vote for the best person but they're never running"

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its so true!!!


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For once, politics makes a good conversation.

YES. I love this. 10/10 for the truth. *See rant below*
With a lot of the stupid, self-centered, greedy people running government, electing presidential nominees, and digging up all the dirt that can fill their nostrils to convince , who really is getting the TRUTH. All(Well, at least most seen in TV and radio ads) you see is a lie, although WE, the complainant general public, are the ones who elected them in the first place. If the average IQ of the public wasn't under 5, we would just nominate someone really smart for the job as an independent and then vote them in and watch the legislature fly like bullets. Also, how can anyone really argue, "Oh, this and that will fix all our problems.", when all they know about government is listening to, "We the people..." in school? Also, if you are there arguing some point against this, and are of voting age, research(WELL... as long as you use the right sources and not BS TV ads) the candidates and vote for the one that will get what is needed done(Without BS)! And what about political parties? Even George Washington, the FIRST president of the US, was against those! And research the TRUTH before you speak! If you speak BS, you look like BS! We are not in a war against Muslims! We are at war against a group of extremists that are even labeled as outcasts in their own country! Get it right. Also, race and religion have nothing to do with how well a president can perform in office. Just chill the racism(and anarchy). Also, to put something out there, "political crap" has always been in the air.
*Politician. It's what's for dinner.*

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Weak Analysis

Where are you going with this argument . Are you going to advocate some
kind of revolutionary political transformation?

You seem to take issue with the current state of capitalism - The system built off
the debt cycle , but what alternatives are you advocating , any arguments against
an existing status quo in Politics (or art , science , whatever) are pointless
without making an argument for an alternative.

Throwing your hands up in the air declaring all political activity pointless could be the basis for an argument , for say , anarchism but no argument is forthcoming.
This critique is not meant as a slander against good arguments - For example
that the american political landscape is dominated by corporate influenced politicians, or that public schooling has been declining due to a lack of funding but without any alternatives presented you argument goes nowhere.

Yes , all your negative arguments are valid but what alternative do you propose.