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Oct 17, 2008 | 8:09 PM EDT

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Shadow's childhood friend, Tikal, has been kidnapped by dark organization that also known as Dark Neo. And so he has no other choice but to save Tikal seem shadow is already too late....
because tikal has get tricked by dark neo, and join their organization
what will happen next?

Tips :

Enemy 1 : Tar-Giant
Difficulty : Easy-Medium

Ability :
-Triple Blast
-Bite -
-Thunder Shock

Special Ability :
-Super Healer - Recover 500 health point

Strategy :
He is the easiest enemy in this episode, but he always use super healer whenever his lifepoint
is down, so you must take him out quickly, when your overdrive pint reach 50
use dark soul, it works perfectly on him
but if you have a change to use the dragon abiliy, i suggest to used it

Tips and Strategy :

Enemy 2 : Aura Dragon/Tikal
Difficulty :Medium-Hard

Ability :
-Quick Attack
-Energy Ball

Special Ability :
-Magic Beam - Exchange your overdrive point into magic point, but in the same time, it deal much damage to you

Strategy :
She is so damn hard, if you fight her without any strategy you will be die in 2 turn
but if you fight her by using your skill point wisely, she will became easy
okay, first she has some powerful attack and strong defense
whenever she attack you, quickly use heal in the next turn
i recommend to always use your heal skill after her turn
unless she attack you with her quick attack
when your overdrive point reach at least 50 use dark soul on her, it will kick her ass a bit
use your strongest magic on her, but please don't waste your skill point too much
you will need it to heal yourself, you can use dark critical if you want to save your skill point for later
she also have a skill that can exchange your overdrive point into skill point, this attack deal much damage, but since she has recover your skill point you must use it to heal yourself
if you have enough change to you use dragon ability,hp must not below 50% or else she will kick you in the next turn
she is so damn tough,please be more careful fighting her

Note : -you can go forward the dialogue by pressing enter key
-you can change the quality by pressing Q key

*please put this on sonic the hedgehog collection*

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

very nice game!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I find this one of the best games on newgrounds. I have actually made this small sprite game into a much larger one with a guy I hang with a lot. The story is the original beings in the galaxy, the purcursors, created chaos energy. So this one guy, deathwing (and not the one from world of warcraft) kills his parents and creates the Black Death dragon, witch is the very first dragon in time. A few yers later, deathwing creates black chaos emeralds and a few days after that, his sons, Enerjak and Typhoon seal him into chamber never to be seen again. In the proses, Enerjak turned into the very first dark soul. 1,000 years later (lots of timeline here, huh?) Enerjak turns traitor to to Typhoon and the original warriors and creates the black legion and the black warriors. The black warriors consist of Enerjak, Nazo, Mephiles the Dark, Darker the Soul, Later Nexus, the brother of Neo the second, and the later to be leader, Deathwing himself. Now you may ask, "but wasent Deathwing destroyed? Well not exactly. See, deathwing was only sealed away, but could be ressurected with the dark emeralds (which Enerjak created) the black emeralds, and the stone of time. now who were the original warriors? They were Typhoon, Mephiles (there is another mephiles), later Neo the second, Bass (hey look the legendary perfect warrior!),Silver the hedgehog, Venice the hedgehog (Silvers long lost twin) And Shadow the hedgehog. this is all i'm going to say for today. Next time i'll talk about The backstory of Neo the second, Mephiles, Shadow and Tikal. and the two Solarises. I'm also going to talk about shadows compleatly enraged form, Shadow.EXE (crazy, I know). Peace out. (by the way i'm new to newgrounds everyone and this is my first comment)

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome battles an interesting plot and good choice of music to fit the situatinon


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Arnt they in the game... clock tower? great game, but i just noticed that scenery from clock tower