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Oct 15, 2008 | 9:16 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Help Muny record her best album while she having fun with her dildo!

Hit the moving recording device with hopping equalizer bar. Siple and fun dildo-sex arcade with many options, bonuses and global award system with ranks.

English corrected. Many thanks to RickyTheFish for this help.




Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I have to sadly agree with most here

This game has promise out the yin yang, it has a great concept, but the control scheme is holding it back. That said, with practice it IS possible to get good at this game, and that's a plus, but a game with a difficulty curve such as this is more about gaining skill and training, than it is about enjoying the fruits of your labors. (which is why most people play Guitar Hero and Rock Band on Medium to warm up; it's less about achievement and more about fun.)
Sure, There is an old adage about porn games that you have make them really difficult to make sure the hardcore stuff is only given to the "deserving few,"
but you have to at least make the game defeatable under normal circumstances. As I see it, the game relys heavily on reflexes after while, and others are right about the ball slowing at the top of the screen and eating up time.

So Onto solutions. Instead of making the ball traverse a full 360, perhaps make the swing more of a partial ark and use the sound bars only to speed up the ball; not change its direction. In this case allow for the ball to swing continuously, like a pendulum and missing the ball a certain number of times will still result in a fail.

If you MUST have the circular path I would add sound bars that are along the top and activate only when the ball is near the top, OR you could set it up so that they only activate when the cursor is on the top side if the screen. This could be used to bounce an other wise languid bal back into "play" and also add a touch of freneticisim to the whole process that would fit much better.

Other ways you could fix this game are more fundamental, such as adding powerups, Scaling back the speed of the ball, and tightening up your colision physics. Perhaps you could even make the sound bars go all the way to the top.
I could think of others but It's getting late and thus hard to think.

Good luck and I do hope you continue to tinker with this game, As it's one of the best looking porn games Ive seen come along in a long, long time. :) Just retool the difficulty a bit and tinker with the control scheme, and I'll say that you'll have a porn flash to be proud of :)

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anvira responds:

We`ll take your critiques seriously and will improve gameplay in the next "Dildo Heroine 2" game with new character.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

To Hard

A bit to hard.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

GAmeplay is totally crap

Hi guys,

I am making pron games too! And I am really sad that I have to be so hard on your game, because you guys put really some good work into it. But sadly badly not enough or at the right points.

Lets start with the bad things: the gameplay is totally crap. Why the heck you have to invent some complicated new gameplay mechanics. That totally fails because A) often I click the mouse at the right moment, but totally NOTHING happens and B) the combo timer then runs out of time espacially if that happens twice C) the gameplay is lame and stressing because if I fail 1 time I have to start from the beginning, instead of continuing and loosing one life. You should have done something like arcanoid or pack man, or mega man. That´s the first thing a designer learns, don´t invent new shit, if there is already good shit is out there. But looks like you hadn´t design lessons, only artistical lessons... comming to the next point, the grafics are good. But the face is awful. Why the fuck are you trying to copy the shitty stereo type japanese Anime style?! Real good japanese artist who have awesome coloring and drawing skills like you avoid using the japanese stereotype anime style. Japanese Artist who aren´t skilled very much at drawing totally using the stereo type style you are using.

I really wish I could rate it better, because the graphical design is awesome (except for the face as mentioned). But the gameplay is really a pain in the ass. As I mentioned above there are some ways to improve it (fix the mouse click and give the lifebar a use(!!!) - right now it´s totally useless) and stick to traditional gameplay in future.

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Wow that is fucking lame!

I give a 3 for the art, but thats all! The controls are shaky at best, and the overall gameplay blows. Change the setup and/or control system and you have a good game here. Otherwise, it's not worth anyones time.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Worse adult game I ever played.

What the hell was this shit? You practically have a 4000 dpi mouse to play this game. What about a laptop? Seriously try a better avenue, this one is going no where.