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Oct 14, 2008 | 9:18 PM EDT

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We're a bunch of game developers who decided to create a flash game to support the Obama campaign and to show how Bush and McCain are. . McSame! See for yourself and vote in November if you can!



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See if everyone in the US saw this Mccain wouldnt stand a chance!
Half of the things said really suprised me no offense but why is America so stupid!
Like no offense but Canada isnt any better like us and Harper but seriously whats wrong with the world today we elect idiots for or world leaders?!


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So telling.......

It's amazing how hard to tell which one said what..... they very well could be the same person.

Good Job!!!


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lol ur so right that theyre mcsame

the game itself wasnt so fun but the idea behind it was great. i agree that mccain and bush r complete incompetent buffoons and even though obama is only slightly better i think he should be president (i dont think that either is fit but i think obama is less of an idiot than mccain)


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Obama Biden 2008!!!!

Great job. I did well in the first part using grammar as my guide, but towards the end all the quotes sounded like they could come from either candidate. As you can tell from above I am an Obama supporter, and I enjoy funny media that reveals just how similar Bush and McCain are (no matter how much he tries to distance himself from Bush). Please make more anti McCain stuff, it's funny and educational.


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I expected bush to say all that stupid shit but i didn't think mccain was THAT fucking stupid