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Meat Boy

rated 4.41 / 5 stars
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Oct 5, 2008 | 2:29 PM EDT

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This is NOT Super Meat Boy!

Its simply the flash prototype that Super Meat Boy was based off of.
SMB, will play very differently and is 100% new.. what im saying is if you even slightly enjoy the prototype, you will LOVE SMB!

for more info on Super Meat Boy check out

-Team Meat



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

screw that i found a few bugs tho

it would always kill me when i didnt even touch fire,blades,salt or anything and you should make it so you keep the bandaids if you get them and die i got all the way to the last 2 levels of chapter 1 perfect without dieing and collected bandaids then i started chapter 2 and chapter 2 the salt would kill me when i was 2 blocks away from it and i would jump and would be about to land then it would kill me and i didnt get shot or touch anything


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Wall jumps. That is all I needed to see to know that this game sucks. Wall jumps are the worst way to add difficulty to a game. But on top of that...why make ENTER be the next level button when my hands are already on the arrows and space?


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

You messed up.

I WANT to give this a high rating. I can SEE the effort that was put into the game.

But I'm not going to reward you with a high score for making a game with a shitty difficulty curve. Now before I begin, I'd like to point out that I played the game through, completing every single level and getting nearly every secret. Why? Because I wanted to prove that it wasn't just me whining because I wasn't good enough. I WAS good enough, and your difficulty curve is still shit.

It's not really even the difficulty. Up to the end of the salt factory area, the game was hard but not unbeatable. Sure it got annoying at times, but with a little perseverence and sometimes luck, I eventually overcame. But after that level everything went to hell, literally. The controls, which were previously an annoyance due to how touchy they were, now became the instrument of torture for the game to use on the player. The game's lack of response TIME meant that pressing jump just a quarter second before you hit that wall meant sliding to your death, while pressing it a quarter second LATER meant that you didn't jump at all. The levels were filled with cheap ways to kill the player, forgoing the use of strategy and skill for the use of crazy, adrenaline-fueled hyperactivity.

I can imagine people defending the game just because it's "hard", but there's difficulty due to some kind of realistic challenge, and then there's difficulty due to making the game simply cheat and screw the player over again and again. This game exhibits the latter, not the former. It seems like you guys got lazy and just wanted to see how much you could piss your players off rather than actually give them a fair challenge.

Well congrats, you succeeded. It seems like you decided, "Hey, since we've got some issues with the controls and collisions, LETS MAKE LEVELS BASED ON THAT!" which brings me back to the whole "hell" section. Every level in there is designed to exploit one of your game's FLAWS, and make it look like it's the player's fault for any deaths that are incurred. Jumping onto a single tile repeatedly while the screen scrolls up is hard enough, but its even more difficult when you accelerate at double the speed every 0.05 seconds!

Sometimes the wall jump code won't respond because your timing with pressing the space bar is 0.00002 seconds too early, and so you slide to your death for the 150th time. Other times you'll perform a complex combination of wall jumps, expertly-timed directional key TAPS (because anything longer than that = instant death), and land just inches away from some deadly object... only to die instantly because the collision code can't tell the difference between close and touching.

There are so many things about the game that I could bitch about, but let me boil it down for you and anyone who wants to play the game. Up to the Hell levels, the game is somewhat fun and fairly challenging. Had the game ENDED there, I would most likely give it an 8, for the quality of the work that went into it, despite the control issues (intentional issues, perhaps?). So basically, if you haven't played yet, take my advice: Once you get to those levels, quit. Seriously, you might actually enjoy the game then, because afterwards the game just abuses its own systems to piss you off. Controls are too touchy, death traps are too touchy, Wall jumping is too touchy, ending isn't worth the annoyance, and the way the game mocks you for not passing its elitist goals just adds fuel to the flames.

You clearly have skill with making games. However, instead of actually making a fun game, you chose to piss people off instead, because apparently there's no such thing as a game that's challenging AND fun.

Challenging as it may be, this game was NOT fun. This game was frustrating, repetitive, and made me want to smash something on a near-constant basis. I hope you're happy.

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Getting Tiresome

When I first tried this game out I was like "hey, this looks fun". But then I discovered it is just another in a long line of timed jump games, which are by no means new or groundbreaking. There are already WAY too many of those as it is.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I hate this game

I really hate this game. I don't see what the big deal is with it. It is even on Xbox live.