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Super Mario bros Z ep.7

rated 4.34 / 5 stars
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Oct 1, 2008 | 12:04 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged October 3, 2008
  • Review Crew Pick October 8, 2008
  • Daily Feature October 2, 2008
  • Weekly 3rd Place October 8, 2008

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Author Comments

It's been a long 16 months since I first uploaded episode 6. But now the wait is over.
For those who are wondering why it has taken so long, I won't lie to you, I just couldn't be bothered to work on it until a month ago. But part of me is happy that I could get the next episode completed.
Contrary to popular belief, this isn't the last episode in the series and I don't intend on waiting another 16 months to release episode 8. I apologise for keeping you all waiting that long, I am grateful to all those stayed patient.
Just a fair warning, this episode is quite long and has a lot more dialogue compared to the previous episodes in the series. I was trying to add more story to it rather than mindless violence, I promise there won't be quite as much next time. =B
But until then, enjoy the new episode of Super Mario bros Z!



Rated 1 / 5 stars

In one word: Annoying

Well its not really bad, but I would honestly not call it worth its hype. I think the word that best describes it is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG.

Not just long, mind-numbingly long. Its like a fan-fiction gone wrong. Its like receiving brain surgery without anesthetic. I must say, to be able to cram all that pointless dialogue into a movie, and still classify it as action, is truly not what I would call it.

In fact I am sort of new to the SMBZ series. I steer clear of sprite movies, and they can suck or rock however much they want. Well I decided to step out of my comfort zone, and watch this movie. Well I must say, it was not terribly bad, but it was terribly boring.

I can see that you put some hard work into this (or I hope), considering how agonizingly drawn out the dialogue is.

But enough of the dialogue, I could go on for ages about how annoying the dialogue was, but on to the action. I am usually critical of sprite fights, because most often the author did not make the sprites, did not come up with the characters, did not make the backgrounds, etc. Well I cannot really make those assumptions. There are a few instances that looked like origional material. Although the 3d pipe was not what I call top notch animation, it was a nice touch of variety.

But lets get on to the use of sprites. Now I've already given part of this rant, but let me expand on it for you. The main reason being, all the reviews I have seen you make are for sprite movies. In addition, all of your movies are heavily related to video games. Now let me as you, is an origional concept really that hard? If you are such a great artist, as I'm told by the several reviewers already here, and hundreds more bound to come, can't you draw your own material throughout the movie? I mean, I cannot force you to move past video games, but can you at least put the effort that EgoRaptor does?

Which leads me to the humor. Now personally, I tried to read the dialogue, I honestly did, but it was just to painful. I couldn't bear to sit through it. But I did manage to catch a few snatches of it. Let me be the first on Newgrounds to say that 4chan jokes are not funny. They are used and recycled by people with none of their own sense of humor. There may be some of your fan base that loves this humor, hopefully they are not on NG, but using them just feels like a cheap ploy for laughs.

Let me move on to the plot. Actually, because I refuse to watch the rest of the SMBZ series, especially after this, I am not rightfully in a position to make a concise judgement, but may I say, What The Hell??? This brings me back to the description of it as a fan-fiction. All the video game characters together, thrown in with cameos, is this some ploy or am I missing out on something?

How about the sound. Well, while rapidly skipping through dialogue, waiting for something to happen, was annoying enough, It seemed you threw in random sound-effects too. Occasionally having my ears peirced with fake dialogue, hearing the same sound effect several times, was just plain sadistic on your part.

Now that we have gotten through the bulk of the content in this movie, let me move on to the action. The good part, the supposed meat of the movie. I must say, it wasn't to bad, but of course I could have watched an episode of Dragon Ball Z with more action. And then the characters would be drawn by hand. I guess thats the premise of the series: "Mario meets DragonBall Z". Yet instead of taking the good parts of the series and minimalizing the bad, you took the bad parts and minmalized the good. Bad parts: Overly long dialogue and common anime themes (See "How to succeed on Newgrounds" for what I mean). Good parts: fast paced action, interesting character design, and creative plots (to an extent of course).

In summary, it wasn't bad but there was plenty of steps you could have taken to make it better. Like take an axe to the majority of the dialogue, increase the amount of origional artwork, and find a more creative theme.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I love the retro 8 bit fighting! I love the story! Can't wait for the next one!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

You're a fucking genius.

All of those plot twists, amazing graphics, humoresque lines, and pseudo-3Dish areas, combined with the swap between the real world and the crazy retro-world, going on for 10-20 minutes, really comes out perfectly to this amazing Flash.

Currently, it has a score of 4.07/5.00, which is already a severe underrating. I think some people might be getting the wrong idea from the preview pic for the Flash, and are just voting low; assuming it sucks and is just a joke Flash.

In any case, yeah. Brilliant work. Can't wait to see the next one.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


pretty good, the 8-bit scenes went on for a bit and the text screen flipping got tiring during long plot sessions (poor index finger :C). Anyways this was awesome, but I the previous one had one thing over this: the very first time you see Luigi's shock face, I mean I just died laughing when I first saw that (BTW I LOVE scene 3 I think it is: I liek cereal!! :D).

Little Idea for sonic and shadow, when they go super-sonic: why not have a vapor cloud dispense around them like real things do when they break the sound barrier?

Good job, really funny, and good luck with the next ones.

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Rated 1 / 5 stars


I had to give you a low score on this. This cartoon lacked any semblence of originally - in fact - it appeared that you went out of your way to be unoriginal.

Graphicwise, I grew rather tired of gazing at a screenful of zoomed in pixelated blocks and the storyline again was trite and rather cliched. It did not hold my interest for very long.

I was hoping that you were going to end it at this cartoon but it seems that you will continue this train wreck of a series and thus spur on a great deal of your followers who unfortunately look up to you.

I will now perhaps see Newground's portal spammed with more sprite copycats of your work as fans begin to emulate your work. Good job for lowering Newground's standards.