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FlashSaga1: Daily 5th

rated 3.97 / 5 stars
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Sep 25, 2008 | 5:04 PM EDT

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Author Comments

EDIT: This is Short. 45 seconds short. (I think)


This has no disrespect towards l3pra.

So basically yesterday I made a video called The Nothing In My Way Collaboration.
(Video Link: /portal/view/461362)

And i was doing well. Like a 3.83 well. I even beat out this lame video game flash called TakeTwo - Mascots.
(Video Link: /portal/view/461433)

I was determined to get a Daily 5th.

But all the sudden, I notice L3pra's flash, "Wierd Chicken Madess" come in the portal.
(Video Link: /portal/view/461360)

It beat my score by ever so slightly.
So this is a record of history of my Saga to get Daily 5th.



No Easter egg this time.

Song: So Happy Together by The Turtles



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Quite cool and funny music video.

I liked the way everything looked, quite simply drawn and animated, but it added to the humour. Even as you pointed out in your flash, about the tweening. I also liked how it was synched to the song. There was a few times when things happened too fast.

Liked the song, fitted the movie theme brilliantly. Great choice.

Overall it was good. Would've liked to see it get daily 5th, but too bad, still a nice fun movie. Good job :D

=Review Request Club=

Mexifry responds:

Hahaha Thanks! :D


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Visuals: the drawing was about average, which seems to be your choice in styles, the animation was smooth, good job here. Only thing is that a few times when the words popped up I couldn't gauge fast enough what was going on before the scene moved on to something else

Audio: nice choice here, went well with the overall theme, and the sound effects were good as well

Overall: nice story, seemed a bit rushed though, I understand where you're working to a song that it happens easily, try and draw it in a way that gives us more time to appreciate what's going on

.:Review Request Club:.

Mexifry responds:

It was rushed cause, frankly, I only had less than a day to get this out so people would get the joke. :P

Well, thanks for the review!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I'm not exactly sure what to make of this piece - you've given us a display which can be described as average drawing skill, reasonably well animated and polished off with a nice tune, that gets cut before the prime.

Why not have something better animated to illustrate the Hank killing Mexifry, for example? It barely reflects life on the portal at all - it could be expanded upon greatly, which I wasn't exactly enthralled with.

It could be made better, by concentrating on rounding out the characters more, when you draw them, which would make the finished piece a lot better, with very little effort.

[Review Request Club]

Mexifry responds:

I really wanted to make this asap so people would get the joke.



Rated 4 / 5 stars


So happy together....
How is the weather....

nice song.

Also nice flash. The song and the animations go along very well. The story of the flash is quite funny and just loved the ending.

The graphics look a bit sloppy from time to time, but that just seems to be your style.

I also liked the little random things you put in the flash (like the "Crappy Tween" bit). It adds a lot humor to the flash.

{ Review Request Club }

Mexifry responds:

Thanks! :D
It's actually more sloppy than normal cause I did this in 2 hours. :P


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Comments before actual review - *Checks page* Ah, no awards/trophies yet? :( I guess that means the sage continues to number 2, which I will be reviewing shortly.

Animation/Graphics - This could of been worked on a bit. In terms of animation, most of it was smooth so I can't really complain much there, but the drawings were a bit rough. Take a little bit more time and work on the smoothness of the lines and pictures that you were drawing. I guess that's really the only place that I took away points from my rating in this flash.

Story/Content - Not a bad story. You could start an entire series like this about every award. :p I think that would be an alright idea as long as you mixed them all up so they didn't get repetitive. It was pretty cool though how you related the event in the flash movie. Nice job.

Audio - The audio that you selected was a very good choice and you synced the animation very nicely. Sound effects were also fine, even though I think there was only the one gun shot.

Overall - Sorry you didn't win Daily 5th. :( I know how hard it is to win a Daily. I have an example on one flash. My friend and I submitted it and it was in 1st place all day. Then all of a sudden there she is step (forgets the number, the last one that was submitted) was submitted and we ended up in 2nd place. It always seems that either the score dramatically goes down after midnight or that another flash is submitted that gets a better score. Anyway, just improve on the graphics and I feel that this would have been a lot better.


~ Review Request Club ~

Mexifry responds:

Thanks! :P
2 Hours payed off.