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Sep 23, 2008 | 11:55 PM EDT
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*4/17/2013*For some reason flash is dropping the music
It might be because the flash is so old and the new flash isnt compatable anymore.
if youd like rightclick and uncheck play, the check play again. if that still doesnt work play the video version

Originally I was only going to be submitting the Madness Regent Game with Tom, but about a Week ago I was listening to this *song and since I had Madness on the brain, I totally envisioned this scene.
So the week before Madness Day I started hustling on this, So if it looks rougher than my usual rough stuff, now you know why, haha.
This is an imaginary epilogue to Madness Inundation. So if you want an idea of whats going on go see that first.

*name of the song is "with my Mind" made by the band called "Cold" for a game called "Psi-Ops : the mindgate conspiracy" you can probably get a used copy for like 8 bucks now, or down load the PC version for free.

****http://web.archive.or g/web/20060502131633/http ://
They have the song avaible for free here as well.

SWEET! NUMBER ONE ON THE TOP FIFTY! lol Its been awhile since Ive been up here, it feels good, the wind has a nice crispness to it.. *Marks the time. 10/02/08 8am score 4.57... welp Time for this roller coaster ride to end, see yall at tha' bottom ^_^



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Praise Jesus! literally...

It was a great idea mixing a few points of religion into this flash. It was fairly intereresting to show that the ``Savior`` was able to do many different abilities such as resurrection of the bodies and sacrifice of himself. I can see another flash from this hense in the bible, the ``Savior`` does get Resurrected by ``the Man`` above him three days later.

Simply Amazing! This is the kind of stuff we need to see more of on newgrounds.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

HO....LY.... SHIT.

WOW..... that was badass dude... epic music... classic savior moves plus some new ones.... (i.e. crucifying himself). It was awesome not only for the violence and crazy animation but also because of the undertones this movie has. A little short, but an easily overseeable flaw for what was crammed into that short period. 10/10 5/5. Incredible.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i thought it was good

goddamn man why do u have to rewrite the bible on here no one cares it was a good movies thast a hell of a lot shorter than urs and i made my point....god job man thought it was a creat movies that it had a bad ass song by cold


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good Lord. Pun intended.

That was unbelievably epic. I couldn't think of a single thing lacking in this.
Honestly, the symbolics, style, the corrolation with the lyrics at points...
A bit too epic for words, I'm afraid. Hello favorites.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I never get Madness day lol

As a man infatuated with all things weird and wonderjuiced, in every nook and cranny, Madness day seems like a dose of insantiy in the face of a jacked off Newgrounds in 2008...

I don't feel I need to endorse this Madness day this year or any year to appreciate this artisitc revelation in which I interperate in a very real and possible way...

To me I see Jesus Christ, his secondcoming, sent to earth beyond the moment of man kinds presence in the face of a long history. The robots have taken over, they exist to exist, work for the sake of work, and most of all symbolise the end product of human descent from human-beings, to human doings.

They exist to do, they serve no purpose other than to be the best they can, the robots have power, so much so they can battle with Jesus. This flash to me represents the way our race of human beings in this world are engaged in a civil war within themselves, against their very beings. Battles against identity, meaning, hope, pleasure, ourselves; the battles that are all being fought today are shown in this flash won. These robots may as well as be a depiction of ourselves in the near future, or represent our strive for efficiency and production, for the sake of efficiency and production. Humanity is in so deep in the modernist ideal of absoloute self imporvement, international competetiveness, and loses such a belief of a power above, that we are heading towards a significant event such as this.

The idea here may be that humanity is taking such strives forward that we may be building a threat and power to oppose even the heavens... if there were such a thing. If the son of god came down in human form so we could understand or accept this Messiah, then surely this Robo-Jesus is of the same intent; after all robots at this point have replaced us, and have the same power-building ideals as ourselves. If humanity is about doing and improving, for the sake of itself, rather than to enable enjoyment and belief, then are we not robots ourselves? Jesus sees a foul world and does battle, and if the heavens came down and did such a thing now, would the world not deserve it?

Jesus died on a cross for the sins of man, how about he now gets on a cross and acts like a suicide bomber? After all, in our strive for action over existence, has human-being not blown his brains out already for the sake of human-doing to take over?

If Jesus was God's gift to man, a beacon of influence to follow, retainable again in heaven simply via a noble plight down the path of life by each individual soul and society, the one true sign intended to give us hope; then why shouldn't he destroy his gift to earth and those ungrateful heretics down below, as if the green and beautiful earth was some rotten, muddy pool of long-rotted fruit that needed cleaning up. The garden of Eden was never a particular area if there ever was one I feel, it was simply a green and fertile earth, ridden with purity created for us all. In taking a bite out of the apple, Adam took a bite out of his soul, and ever since purity has been an ideal out of reach to mankind. First we will destroy ourselves, then the heavens will open up and send their son of whom we adopted belovedly like our own and clean the whole mess up.

Progress for progresses sake represents a messy state of affaris for mankind, a mess which one day surely, our saviour, the Messiah Jesus Christ ,will clean up.

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