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Up! All of it.

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Sep 23, 2008 | 12:12 PM EDT

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Author Comments

If someone makes the mess be prepared to clean it up, otherwise you could find yourself forming the tools of the masses to be strucken down by the hard work you slaved away into creating the brink of society that is your own doing.

Serious flash practicing frame by frame using only the brush and pencil, so vote well.

Quite a lot of frames and Music is Interlude by Muse. If the link works I am a God.
This may have epileptic moments I have no idea whether they could cause them but to be safe, just so you know, and knowing is half the battle.
Enjoy and throw it into some collection it might somehow relate to.



Rated 1 / 5 stars


It wasn't a good flash. I'm not saying that you as a person should be able to do better, but on newgrounds people tend to attack you if you aren't a flash pro. Especially as time progresses.

Ragnarokia responds:

Well I only spent about 6 hours on it and mostly when I was annoyed, also what you are saying is almost correct, you have to either be the best animator in the world or use a video game reference. I decided not to sell out to making a shitty video game parody and instead just make an original shitty flash <3


Rated 0 / 5 stars


wow, that was just awful. if you were trying to make fun of those people who try to be all artsy and meaningful and end up just looking lame and emo then it worked and i'm sorry i voted it bad. but i have a feelinging you were trying to be serious, so i'm gonna go ahead and laugh in your face.

Ragnarokia responds:

How am I trying to make fun out of people, saying I was shows that I succeded in making my flash at least slightly artsy which was my plan, it is called being new to flash and you can dream all you want but you won't get anywhere near the ideas in your head.
You may be refearing to "emo" stupidly as a depressive state, how is that bad? That was exactly what I was trying to go for and I managed to do that frankly.

Also note "serious flash" that means it is not a joke, this was frame by frame using minimal methods, for my first attempt to do that I would say I hit the nail on the head. Why don't you try and make flash and then comment.