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Sep 23, 2008 | 10:19 AM EDT

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Walktrough :: p

Bonus :: esolation2_bonus.php



Rated 2 / 5 stars

BEWARE... I died after suddenly being attacked by a tongue-thing, and was sent back to my last checkpoint. On regenerating at the checkpoint, there were no movement arrows on the screen, so I was stuck there! This annoying glitch has apparently affected several other people besides me, so if you want to finish the game, DON'T DIE!

Nice idea and nice atmosphere- I liked the combination of shooter and point-and-click. Bad grammar, misspellings, and that terrible glitch really ruin this game.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

awesmone, please make more!

the walkthrough is a lie...also, why are the medipacs used the same time i pick them up? why can not i save them for later?


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

When I reached the computer code part i was like... "wtf?! Should have studied chemistry.. -.-" hahaha

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is way better than the first game


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Walkthrough: (Since the one in the game was deleted.)

Click upper-down arrow. Get Glock Mag behind desk.
Up arrow to go back.
Left arrow. Then right arrow into hallway.
Left arrow, click on pump under desk.
Down arrow back into hall.
Up arrow, then left arrow on far left.
Shoot hairy zombie with Glock until it dies.
Grab First-Aid pack on upper shelf. (Only if you need it. Cannot carry them.)
Down arrow back into hall. Click other left arrow.
Shoot zombie!
Down arrow directly over sink.
Take pump from inventory. Place in the pool of blood.
Pump will remove blood from sink. Take roof key from sink.
Down arrow lower right. Back into hall.
Up arrow.
Upper left arrow into room with sloped press.
Right arrow into dead end.
Left arrow into small bathroom. Take chain cutter.
Down arrow, down arrow, left arrow, up arrow until in front of gate.
Left arrow. Click on red buttons a few times until all are green.
Gate will rise. Shoot zombie! Take rock.
Down arrow, down arrow, down arrow, down arrow.
Left arrow, then right arrow to reach gate on other end of complex.
Use cutter on chain.
Down arrow, then up arrow. Shoot Zombie outside!
Up arrow. Click on control pad.
Easy puzzle.
Rotate squares until a path forms from the red circle to the white one.
Red laser will then flow from red circle to white one. Door will open.
Click on open door to get 2nd rock.
Click right arrow, right arrow, down arrow, right arrow. Back in hall.
Click up arrow, up arrow, upper-left arrow. Back into room with slope press.
Click down arrow. Place the two rocks onto the press.
Pick up compact disk from floor.
Click left arrow, down arrow, down arrow. Back into hall.
Click left arrow, then upper-down arrow.
Click on side of laptop. Place disc into open tray.
Click "OK" on computer screen.
Click on "ROOF ACCESS" icon.
USER = Denis
PASS = 6V2As2Ga4Ta
Click "OK" on screen.
Get number code for keypad to storage room.
*Note: This code is different each time you play through the game.
Memorize or write down code.
Click right arrow, click lower-down arrow.
Boss will attack once you get back into hallway!
Shoot jumping Boss a couple of times, then equip your knife.
Wait for Boss to attack with his tongue. Slash tongue with knife each time he attacks.
After Boss is defeated, click on right arrow. Enter code into pad.
Click up arrow. Then up arrow again.
Kill Zombie!
If low on Glock ammo, use your knife.
Wait for zombie to start to get near, then slash at him.
Click up arrow.
Use key on lock.
Enjoy cut-scene ending.

*Note: This walkthrough is designed to get through the game in the shortest amount of time, and to kill all the zombies in the complex. There are more Glock magazines and First-Aid packs in the game than just the ones mentioned. Also, there are Top Secret documents that if you squint hard enough, reveal the experiments that went on in the complex.

I enjoyed the game overall. It's not too difficult. I honestly couldn't figure out the password, despite the hint. With the original walkthrough no longer available, I found the password on an obscure Spanish online gaming forum. The game is quite creepy and a bit scary at times. Love the concept behind the game, but the execution could have been better. Zombies look like paper targets that tilt their way towards you. You look bad-ass clearing the rooms with your M16, but it's completely useless in the game. Small issue with the fact that you need to go outside in the game after using the chain cutter on the gate. The outside is supposed to be crawling with zombies. Yet you only encounter one. When you get back, no way to lower the gate back down. The gate on the other end gets left open too. Ironically, no zombies come pouring in.

The game was fun. A bit short. Other reviewers have pointed out other bugs and issues with the game. It does stand well on its own. You don't need to play the original Desolation to get through this game. But the original was far better, creepier, and scarier.

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