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Sep 22, 2008 | 6:33 PM EDT

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please put in collection.

(yes this is my voice)



Rated 1 / 5 stars October 20, 2013

ahhh ....

What sense does that one giant zombie in jail?

And seriously GORDON FREEMAN??



Rated 0 / 5 stars December 27, 2008

worse that the last one!

wear his head? WTF!!! ive said enough

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Rated 0 / 5 stars December 23, 2008

Um what.

Ok well gee where to start. Well I guess we'll start with the low frame rate and choppy animation. *Ahem* The framerate is low and the animation is choppy. Up the framerate a bit and learn how to animate it at higher framerates. It will make it look much better and much smoother. Ok so he's doing pull ups, very typical for a jail cell, however, you could have at least taken some time to add other things that would be in a cell, such as a toilet, a bed, maybe on the wall a bunch of tally marks or a calendar. I don't know, it would have made the scene look much more original rather than the ripped artwork of the room with nothing in it. It also doesn't make any sense why Tricky of all people would be the guard. Ok feeding time. Well this next part makes no sense whatsoever. Ok so, he's been in a jail, the jail people search you immediately when you enter, yet some how, he's equipped with a bunch of guns? And the guards are jail guards, they would have him down in a second. It's good that you gave the guard a gun, but it's bad and very generic that all of these guards have no idea how to actually shoot it. Ok so, I don't get how they wear a guys head as a mask, or in that matter, how the guys head came off in the first place. I mean, I probably would have seen it a little better, but the animation was too choppy to comprehend what was going on. Ok new room, huge zombie. Um, where in the name of God did that come from? IT'S A JAIL, NOT SOME RANDOM CHANNEL OF HALLWAYS, STICK TO THE NORMAL STUFF, NOT THE RANDOM AND POINTLESS.
Ok well, for one thing, he has no hands to swing that gigantic sword. Also, How did he even get in there?? The doors are like, way too small. Also in this area, I see the very typical lack of intelligence. Seriously, is it really THAT hard to figure out which hand is left and which one is right? That seems to have become a trend for crappy madness movies now.. Ok so, after like, two tiny bullets that would be like bb's for him, he disappears randomly, obviously because you're too lazy to make him fall or do something cool, but what ever.. Ok so then Gordon Freeman? Huh? Where did that come from? It's obvious that you've raped whatever sprite sheet you got your hands on, and raped it to death.
Ok this doesn't make any sense, why the guns fell, that was stupid. Also it's GORDON Freeman, get it right. If you mean "Morgan" for humor, it WASN'T funny. Also, note that he DOESN'T ever talk. So what did I expect from this knife fight scene? Exactly what I got. More choppy animation that was too choppy to tell what happened. Good job.

Ok that was horrible. The main thing was of course, the choppy animation and the framerate of like, 5. Up the framerate, animate your characters, use all the frames, stop with this choppiness. I couldn't even tell what was going on through half of the movie. And give your plots some sense. The only idea that seemed remotely good was the idea of being in a jail cell, but even then, a prequel of some sort would be required to actually know more about him. But yeah, you pretty much took a good idea, and peed all over it with randomness. Like with the zombie. And as it was mentioned before in the other review how you made mistakes, but was too lazy to go back and fix them, so you just went with them. Also, the voice acting was terrible. Not only with the typical prepubescent voice, but also how you breathed into the microphone, and talked quietly. And every time you censored one of your own curse words, it literally startled me.
Over all, it was horrible, I suggest you stick with an idea, and keep it realistic. I also suggest that you practice more, and most of all, up the framerate and stop being so choppy. Because like I said, I couldn't tell what was happening most of the time. I would also recommend you set a place aside for subtitles, like at the bottom of the screen in a little separate space. It would look much better and be much easier to read rather than having them scattered randomly about on the stage. But seriously, practice man. And don't stop until you get better.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars October 12, 2008

what were fricking saying

even though it was funny


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars September 23, 2008

Hehe, igot ya!

I bet your hat! When Greeg magicly loses he's "Discuise".
You acedently pressed F7 so it dissapered? right? ;)
Done that millions of times! But you did manage to save it!
by making a strange dialoge.. xD Liked it!
keep it up!
Aaaand dick.. Im 15! ;D
Your age is not an ecuse for beeping the swearings.. If ya know the word, you are alowed to use it!
Thats what is say! Anyways, keep it up, as i said and dont blame me for my suck ass englsih! Baiii!

dumbcook444 responds:

yeah i accidently pressed delete and Greg vanished but good hing i had greg original clothes guns and hat below the screen.