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Skill - Typing

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Sep 16, 2008 | 11:04 PM EDT

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Hello all!

Here's a little game I made following a lunch time conversation with friends about designing a 1D game haha...yeah we're geeks that way. So here comes Z-Rox, a really hard brain game that will make you think and use parts of your brain you never used...maybe even parts of the brain you don't even have! haha

I really hope you enjoy it, keep in mind that it's really really hard and don't hate me for it!
Have fun!

If you want to play the game in FRENCH, go to :)

- Make sure you have the latest Flash Player 9.
- Please don't ruin people's fun, don't give the answers in the comments :)
- Don't forget, it can be anything, letters, numbers, shapes, symbols, objects.
- Answers are in english and can be words, not just keyboard keys.
- Pay attention in the tutorial
- Solve the puzzles with friends when it's too hard
- Sleep on it when you can't find the answer and try again with a fresh brain.
- Drawing helps understanding what you see.
- Check out Josh's Hunsaker's music, it's awesome haha leave him some comments! :D

Thanks NG for the front page!
Thanks everyone for the critics and scores and for giving me the #1 Daily Feature! :)



Rated 0 / 5 stars

no good

Did not like this game at all. After sitting here for god knows how long watching the tuturial explain the same thing over and over again i got sick of it. We get it, you dont need to change the wording for the tutorial.

Evil-Dog responds:

I just timed it and the tutorial is exactly 52 seconds....are you kidding me? you can't sit for a minute while the game is explained in a way to make sure everybody (not just you) understands how to play and what to expect?
Your loss.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


grrr it was impossible to get passt lvl 8 so it made me cross grrr...... make hints available for dopes like me

Evil-Dog responds:

So because of your stupidity, I deserve a 0? thanks.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


WTF was so hard about that?

1. L 2. F 3. V 4. H 5. X 6. E 7. Y 8. + 9. = 10. ! 11. Square 12. / 13. Triangle 14. A 15. K 16. \ 17. 1 18. Circle 19. U 20. N 21. B 22. O 23. Diamond 24. Trapezoid 25. 7 26. P 27. C 28. Z 29. 8 30. Pi 31. Pentagon 32. M 33. Square Root 34. 9 35. Hexagon 36. W 37. D 38. 6 39. 4 40. J 41. 2 42. R 43. Octagon 44. ? 45. # 46. 3 47. S 48. G 49. 5 50. %

Even the harder modes are dumb. Plus why did I have to do 50 inane levels in order to get to the random part?

Evil-Dog responds:

well done