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Star Trash

rated 3.74 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Sep 1, 2008 | 5:19 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This game was born from my desire to create a different style of a defense game. I wanted to create a defense game with a story so it had sense the waves of enemies attacking the planet. My influences has been from Star Trek, Red Dwarf, Farscape all mixed with the crazy style of South Park.

This is not a classical defense game, this game demands from the players fast movements from the first levels, it's not a toy to sit and watch, it's a challenging game. You will have to deploy new units, upgrade and repair your units during the battle to protect the 4 cities against the waves of enemies. Use the shortcuts "U" to upgrade and "R" to repair and your trip will be easier. In the FIRST LEVEL you have MONEY ENOUGH to UPGRADE ALL THE UNITS TWO LEVELS TO INCREASE THEIR DESTRUCTION LEVEL. Additional information can be found in the tutorial and in the tips section.

I want to thank the great effort done by the team David Ferriz and Daniel Martin. Thanks to them my longest project (almost 6 months) has seen the light. Also to thank the people from BubbleBox for the support sponsoring the game.

TRICK: In traditional defense games you can't move your deployed units, in this game you can move the installed spaceships during the set up before the wave, just drag and drop it from one place to another to cover better the planet's cities.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good, needs some work

I didn't notice any immunity problem, but then again I chose fire.

You need to balance things out. Commander mode lets you repair stuff in game. Woo!!
Hero lets you shoot a 30 second beam of uber death, generally enough to single handedly wipe out half the enemies, while a small elite strike force take out the rest.

A very monopoly like build queue. Small buildings are worthless, but if you can manage to get the best, you build like crazy. That's good. But you need to get that across to the user. Most people aren't going to get anywhere in this 'cause they don't realize only you can use that secondary, and building good buildings is better than building more defense.

What's the point of the slowing ship if 90% of guys are immune to it, it does no damage, and ships stop above cities anyways? A disabler ship would be much more useful, one that decreases enemy power or something like that.

And please, if you're going to take the effort to make a good game, make dialog that has acceptable grammar. That really hurt the game for me.

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Urkel responds:

Thanks for the review.

The information about to construct more cities is in the 2nd page of the tutorial is explained. Usually people who play games for free don't make any effort of reading.

The slowing ships not only decrease the speed of the movement, they also decrease the frequency of shoots of the enemies. I suppose that it must have been explained somewhere, but considering that everybody complained about the huge amount of texts I didn't considered to explain it.

About the grammar, sorry, it's my fault not to be United States native. In my next life I will ask to born in the dominant country of the world.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Massive balance problem. Repairs Overpriced.

I didnt like it as a game at all, even with all the incomplete "help" files, the tutorial, the decent UI , nice music and simple gameplay and the kind of comical storyline. The game itself needs lots of balancing work to be fun, and need a bit of re-design to remove those parts where the game just screw the player over just because he dont know the scripts by heart.

Warning: Near the end of level 2 (wave 8) new ennemy pop up and pull a deus-ex machina on you; they will be even stronger than the red ones, faster, and immune to "standard" ships. Their damage is so ggreat that they vapourise a normal city in 3-5 shots, and dont expect to see your hard earned fleet survive for long if they are standart (it gives you 50% change of winning since the slow ships were useless for the whole level.. you might be good if you choose "fire")

.. and anyway, maxed lvl3 "STD" ships have low damage overall, 5 of them take ages to shoot down anything.

Difficulty is increasing fast, .... with little reward..
Lose the immunities; Not fun when your whole overpriced fleet is suddently useless and you got no way of doing the same to the ennemy, and selling them to rebuild is guaranteed death.

Repair cost is ridiculously massive, a 250$ income building cost about 1000 to fully repair. Their income is meaningless.. it doesnt cover their inevitable repairs..
At every round im losing about 60% of my whole treasury in city repairs!! Could cities repair themselves a bit for free? How can we make progress with so much economic attrition?!

Why do we lose when one city is glassed when we can rebuild it the next round for a bit more money than its repair cost? Make us lose when all is rubble.

Cities should have a shield.. a gun or anything that allows them to fight back.. if it can block even a bullet it would be nice.

DO NOT HAVE MORE CITIES THAN THE MINIMUM. More cities = more area that can be hit and make you lose money when they could have missed instead. Repairs are killing your economy. Sell, then build again if you must. The increased income isnt worth it at all (and building cost is high too, build ships instead)
Repair them at all time. YOu will need to do it to win.

Concentrating your forces dont work. Ennemies can target cities from a far distance at a steep angle.. disperse them everywhere so less likely-ish that a shot will get through. Keep some ships as "runner", those with firepower and HP, to meet the ennemy.

Use cheap ships as a wall (quiet) to protect cities from direct bombardment. Expect to lose them the instant the ennemies start shooting. It might buy you that instant you need to win. Or not.

The "repair all button" should.. repair all. It just repair ships. we gotta repair (the vastly overpriced) cities manually. Or make a button to "repair all cities"

unlocking ships should give usefull information BEFORE we buy it.. not AFTER. Same thing with cities... i wanna know their income before i build. I wanna know the numerical hp of everything before i buy too! Are upgraded cities stronger?

Losing upgraded ships = losing a TON of hard-earned ressources; repair them at all and any opportunity. Dont lose them!

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Urkel responds:

Thanks for the review.

I agree with you with some details. The game can be a little bit difficult at the beginning but I designed the first mission so nearly anybody with the interest to play would be able to do it without too much problems. I have spent a lot of time balancing the game, I admit that the game can't be completed with few gaming sessions, but it has a good balance to offer a challenge.

Don't worry, you won't see from me any more original game. I will do a couple of clones and I will quit from Flash game development.

Good Bye.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Very cool! Loved the intro movie! Gameplay as pilot or commander, very nice touch. 5/10!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

way too short.

the gameplay was nice i liked how you coulc control other ships and the upgrade system was good

but the game was waaaaaaaaaay too short.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

my ships disappeared!

my ships dissapeared but they were still their, I don't know why