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Jul 28, 2008 | 7:16 PM EDT

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i made this using flash 8, so you may get different results if you're using flash 9. this tutorial simply assumes you're not a retard and know what a tween is. it covers masking, transformation points, a few handy tweening techniques, and motion guides. if i'm not clear on something, i'll be sure to change it!

the idea was inspired by tankbuster781. in a strange, wierd way.
oh, and on a side note, asmo DIDN'T actually participate- i just wanted to see leven get punched in the face for no good reason.
the music is Tea and crumpets, BTW.



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hahaha leven is very hilarious
by the way i love this tutorial
hahahaha :)


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I like this one better than the 2nd.

remember me from sheezyart? mmautrey. yeah, anyways...

This is a really helpful tutorial. Unfortunately, i knew all but one of these, but the other one was really helpful. I will surely use some of that knowledge in my flash.

113420 responds:

Why better than the second?


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Thanks but what the name of the program????

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113420 responds:

Flash, you silly!


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That helps my in mine project, thank you! :)

113420 responds:

What bes your project?


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I would love it if I knew what the hell it was talking about... I need to download flash maker thing... where do I find it?

113420 responds:

secrets! software piracy is technically illegal.
although i see no inherent problem with telling you that you can find it on torrent websites. go google bittorrent, see where that leads you.