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Jul 25, 2008 | 5:48 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature July 26, 2008
  • Weekly 4th Place July 30, 2008

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** Patch 2.3 - Really just bug fixes and general tuning. Nothing of specific note. (Patch 2.2 was made for Kongregate and therefor did not apply to NG).

** Patch 2.1 - Patch Notes can be found on my Userpage if you want the details of what was added and changed.

A note that the old game had that I left out here - This game is kinda hard on the framerate (my fault), especially when things are hectic onscreen. There is an FPS counter that you can turn on in the Options menu. If everything seems to be moving slow, check it. The game SHOULD be hovering around 30 frames a second. If you're dipping significantly or constantly, there are a couple things you can do: If it's mostly a problem when tons of things are happening onscreen all at once, you can turn down the Spawn Limit in the options menu. This will put a soft limit on the number of enemies on screen at once, and potentially help keep the game from bogging down to far. You can also (obviously) turn down the Quality a notch, as I've found this helps a lot. Just fiddle with things until you get the game running where you are comfortable with it.

Another note - If the sense of mystery and randomness is not your thing, and you want some guidance as to how to do and see everything (and advice on which Rewards to pick, to boot!) OmegaMario has composed a Guide for players based on his playing of the game. Keep in mind that this is full of **SPOILERS** (that's sorta the point, really) and I was not involved in it's creation - everything here he discovered and composed on his own. Bravo, I say!

Find it here: http://omegamario.newgrou

A brand new version of my previous game, Amorphous+ is a fast paced, hectic melee of multicolored blobs. Veterans of the older version will recognize the following new features:
*PAUSE* - omg, press spacebar
*Progress Saving* - Now with a sense of continuity and accomplishment!
*Awards* - Gain awards to mark your achievements as you play
*Rewards* - As you earn awards, you will unlock useful tools and abilities to help you survive
along with a number of little tweaks and additions.

The music is Still all by Revolution Void - which you can disable in the Options menu - but you shouldn't, because they're awesome.

Hope you enjoy it!

ProTip: You can just click through all the intro crap at the beginning to get to the game. You're welcome.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well done, can't wait for the next one

This game is excellent and entertaining, but also simple as far as gameplay. The controls are very simple, but not in a way that it gets boring. I'm not a great gamer, I'm actually probably below average, but I don't mind losing. I guess it might be nice to have some way to turn up or down the difficulty, among other options.

It starts off pretty slow, you have these harmless green things moving around so you can get the hang of it, and that's good. But I think that beginning phase lasts a little too long. The first time you play, it would be beneficial to have that period of simplicity, but once you've learned how to do it, things should get fast pretty soon.

The awards are fantastic. They give you something to wonder about and to work towards. The same with the rewards and the bestiary. They provide clear incentive and curiosity, and keep you glued to the screen. This also applies to your deaths, each time you want to avoid what killed you that time.

A great strength of the game is the description for everything. It's well written with excellent grammer, and, this one is particularly pleasing, full words instad of "the green 1's will kill u, so look out 4 them." Everything is not only described well, but it is explained well, too. This seems like a fully functional little ecosystem of amorphous blobs. The only problem with the descriptions is how verbose they are. They're very long and wordy, which, while I don't mind reading, can be a problem. Even if you kept the long descriptions, some illustrations would help. For example, next to a section of text, the grey is shown it its spiky form, with a description of the spikes, what they're made of, etc. Then below it, the same with a photo of our hero being absorbed, impaled, and deflected by the other phases.

I'd like to see a few changes, though. The graphics are good, very well animated, but they could be improved. The hover feature in the awards gallery is very slow, the name and description should pop up faster. When you die, you have to start over, which is pretty frustrating. It would be helpful to have a menu upon your death that allows you to go back to the main menu, restart , or a third option that takes you back ten or fifteen seconds before your death. This is the biggest change I'd like to see in the next one, if there is another. The music could use a change, too. It's great music, no question there, but it doesn't seem to go with the game.

That's all I can think of.
8/10 4/5 because it's fun and addicting, but there is a little room for improvement.

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innocuousGames responds:

Thanks for the review (LATE... late late late... sorry).

The descriptions, being completely superfluous (with the exception of a few minor hints regarding what the glooples can do and how to beat them), were really just added on a whim in the beginning. They're just there so that people who enjoy that sort of thing can read them, and people that don't can ignore them.

As far as changes, I recently added Hardcore Mode if you want a more "dump you into the middle of it" scenario. I'm glad you liked the music, even if you didn't really think it fit.

In my opinion, there's ALWAYS room for improvement. That said, most likely I won't be doing anything major to this game and just moving on to other projects (time to do something a bit different, I think).

Thanks again for a great, well written review (these are getting kind of scarce these days.... makes me sad)!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

As awesome as it is addicting

I usually wait until I'm entirely done with a game to comment on it, but seeing as how youre still replying to some of the comments (a trait in an author that I'm always glad to see) I'll post my thoughts now on the off chance I get a response.

I really couldn't see how this style of game (i.e. simple enemy slashing fun) could have been executed much better. All of the Glooples are interesting in their own, unique way and they are always exciting to discover. And the achievements are really incredible. I consider myself an exceptionally achievement-driven person, so I was particularly drawn in by this feature. So many of the descriptions are very funny, and often appropriately humiliating. I might have been proud of my first three hit combo but your comments put me back in my place. Some of the achievements are downright awesome, like the absentee one which i found i had won after pausing to go to mcdonald's. The different styles of play are also a nice touch...even though they're nearly identical they are able to add enough variety to keep me going (currently I'm up to the Addiction time award if that's any indication of how entertained I am). I also really love the reward system...they're all a mystery and I really want to find out as many as I can! The last one is particularly attractive, clearly, although I've yet to unlock it. I've gotten *spoiler* sprint (#1), saw drone (#6), repulsor (#8), and teleporter (#10) at this point and I usually take the repulsor as it's good in a number of different situations (particularly when mobbed by inkies). (to anyone else reading this review, maybe post your favorite rewards you've unlocked?)

Now, although I clearly love this game there are a few points where I could see it improved. I personally find the nests a tad difficult; i took the small one out after a few shots but the big + huge have given me a lot of difficulty...i feel like maybe big should be a little more doable for the "medium" level? Just one man's opinion really, though. I also have two game play suggestions that I couldn't help keep thinking about while playing, but I apologize if they're already been mentioned by others. In order to keep up the whole theme of simplicity, would it make sense to map the power up key to the right click button? this could be a nice addition that would keep game play exclusive to one hand which could be sort of fun. also, i know that a lot of people have been crying for extra attacks and one that i feel could fit in here is a charge attack. if i could hold my mouse button down for a couple of seconds after a swing to unleash a 360 degree swing, that could add a nice element of strategy to the game. of course, the awards would probably have to be altered a little but it could be nice in any case. speaking of things that other people want...i think the idea of changing movement to wasd keys is a poor idea and i support your decision of mouse movement.

On the whole: really really nice work. I enjoyed this game a lot and hope it makes front page. I look forward to more!

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innocuousGames responds:

I feel like it's only fair that I show a little gratitude to the people who take the time to share their opinions with me about my work, and it gives me a chance to talk, which if you've played the game it should be pretty clear that I love to do. :)

I really think that (other than pause and save, of course) the thing that the old game really needed was a sense of accomplishment or progress. Since the game follows a very loose structure, I couldn't really introduce stages (I mean... I guess I could have, but it would have fundamentally changed the way the game played... to me at least, part of it's charm is it's sheer unpredictability). So, my next thought was to do an achievement system. And then, to give THOSE more purpose, I decided to add the Rewards on top of that ( some sort of set of Power Ups or Equipment was easily the third most requested addition for the old game). I really agree that it adds something vital the old game needed. And man were they fun to make.

The Award descriptions did sort of absorb some of my natural snarky-ness. Glad you think it works!

The larger nests are a bit difficult, no doubt (Huge is completely rediculous, I am not ashamed to admit) but the addition of Rewards I think makes them a bit more reasonable. A lot of people complain about the time it takes, and there's no doubt they can take a while, but that just makes victory that much sweeter. As you say, that's really just my opinion, but I do like a challenge.

Mapping the reward key to the right button is actually a damn good idea. I have to admit I'm not exactly sure how to do that in flash without it popping up a menu, but I've no doubt it can be done and it's something I should learn for future projects.

Also your charge-attack idea I think is quite good. I like it.

As far as movement goes, as I've said it's not that I don't see the value in WASD movement, but to me that's mostly just that it frees up the mouse cursor to do other things. Like aim, in games where that applies. I'm sure for people who aren't used to the mouse movement control, it can seem a bit strange for a while (or if, say, you're forced to play on a freaking TOUCHPAD... bleh). But in the longrun I'd never change it for this game. I agree with you agreeing with me. :P

Anyway, Thanks for your review (I love the long ones) and I hope you waste many hours enjoying my strange little blob killing game!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

you had me at progress saving

I really enjoyed the original, just trying to complete the enemy list wast fun, but adding achivments and awards makes this game even better. I would pay to play this game.

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innocuousGames responds:

It's hard for me to say whether there was more outcry for Pause or Save in the old version... it was a close running. But yeah... it was something the game sorely needed.

What a great compliment. Thank you so much.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great additions

I've played the original a long while back, and it came as a pleasant surprise to see that you've added quite a bit of neat incentives, like the awards, saving, and the most important one: the pause button. Heheh.

Again, the descriptions you took the time to type up and stick in really fleshed it out. You have a better control of vocabulary than a lot of other petty authors on Newgrounds, and even though there's no plot or clear cut motivation for our little hero with the big sword, there's still a large amount of humor and fun to be obtained from this gem. It's hilarious how the screen starts to get covered and bogged down by the swarming and bouncing "multicolored blobs," and the insanity keeps ramping up when oil slicks slash the screen, acid and splatter runs across the battlefield, and fuzzy animals and spikes charge at you from all directions. I find the gameplay to be of a real refreshing style, far different than many of the other flash games out there, and in its simplicity, still one of the best of them all.

There's an amazing wealth of ideas roaming about in this game, and I have to wonder whether you just had a flash of inspiration and decided to make a flash game with myriad kinds of blobs. Somehow, the synthesis of all of the enemies and the simplicity of the combat transforms what could have been another boring, unoriginal clickfest into a carefully made strategic action game emboldened by its uniqueness and richened by the flavor text that you painstakingly typed in. There's a huge amount of factors to consider as one plays this, ranging from a simple "slash or run" when a cowardly purple blob stares down, to an incredibly panicked, adrenaline-pumped "which way do I fucking run" when spikes, animals, and acid approach like predators to the blob hunter.

Through all of this, the intertwined awards and rewards serve as beautiful and cleverly named achievements and incentive. Slashing a huge conglomerate of killer goo and seeing the satisfying award fade in from the bottom of the screen adds another layer to the already fascinating and addicting game. I think you've done a most awesome job at putting this together again with the little flairs and flourishes, and this game seriously is a contender for one of the best time-killers on Newgrounds.

I don't know if I could possibly add more ideas for improvements, since admittedly, I haven't even uncovered all the blobs yet. Maybe give the guy some new attacks, or make another style of play that has a health system to appeal to players that don't have the time to plumb the depths of the strategies in the game? >.>

You have to make another one of this, and you must use your ridiculous creativity and conceptual ideas to shape another excellent, exemplary game. This is amazingly good--I want to play more from you.

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innocuousGames responds:

First, I'm always pleased to hear the opinions of people who've played the old version (and extra nice to see people playing this version who were supporters of the game even in it's original, bare-bones form).

To be perfectly honest, this game grew out of nothing. The first pieces of this game were my first images and bits of code to ever create in flash, and I just sort of continued building on it and adding to it until it eventually became this. So I guess in a sense it was sort of an accident.

It's so satisfying to hear people enjoying playing with it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I do have several other flash projects planned, but as I've mentioned I do it as a passtime and I'm a bit ADD when it comes to my projects... so I'm not promising anything, but hopefully you'll see some new (and completely different) things from me in the future.

Thank you for a great review and I'm glad you're enjoying it!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I never add games too my favourites.

This made an exeption...

innocuousGames responds:

You flatter me.

I'm thrilled you're enjoying it, and I hope you continue to. Thanks for the comment!