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Jul 25, 2008 | 5:48 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature July 26, 2008
  • Weekly 4th Place July 30, 2008

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Author Comments

** Patch 2.3 - Really just bug fixes and general tuning. Nothing of specific note. (Patch 2.2 was made for Kongregate and therefor did not apply to NG).

** Patch 2.1 - Patch Notes can be found on my Userpage if you want the details of what was added and changed.

A note that the old game had that I left out here - This game is kinda hard on the framerate (my fault), especially when things are hectic onscreen. There is an FPS counter that you can turn on in the Options menu. If everything seems to be moving slow, check it. The game SHOULD be hovering around 30 frames a second. If you're dipping significantly or constantly, there are a couple things you can do: If it's mostly a problem when tons of things are happening onscreen all at once, you can turn down the Spawn Limit in the options menu. This will put a soft limit on the number of enemies on screen at once, and potentially help keep the game from bogging down to far. You can also (obviously) turn down the Quality a notch, as I've found this helps a lot. Just fiddle with things until you get the game running where you are comfortable with it.

Another note - If the sense of mystery and randomness is not your thing, and you want some guidance as to how to do and see everything (and advice on which Rewards to pick, to boot!) OmegaMario has composed a Guide for players based on his playing of the game. Keep in mind that this is full of **SPOILERS** (that's sorta the point, really) and I was not involved in it's creation - everything here he discovered and composed on his own. Bravo, I say!

Find it here: http://omegamario.newgrou

A brand new version of my previous game, Amorphous+ is a fast paced, hectic melee of multicolored blobs. Veterans of the older version will recognize the following new features:
*PAUSE* - omg, press spacebar
*Progress Saving* - Now with a sense of continuity and accomplishment!
*Awards* - Gain awards to mark your achievements as you play
*Rewards* - As you earn awards, you will unlock useful tools and abilities to help you survive
along with a number of little tweaks and additions.

The music is Still all by Revolution Void - which you can disable in the Options menu - but you shouldn't, because they're awesome.

Hope you enjoy it!

ProTip: You can just click through all the intro crap at the beginning to get to the game. You're welcome.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


this game is briliant but i think you should add a story mode explaning how it all happend how the thingys came alive and stuff and its annoying how you can only eqiup one reward at a time also how do you kill grays and horrors????????????????


Rated 5 / 5 stars

The kind of game I play games for.

Words can't be strong enough to describe the amazement this game offers to players like me.I always liked games with good replay value, especially if they offer some sort of awards/unlockables system like the one it has.Seriously, when I browse through Newgrounds' games section I hope to find a game like this one.

The gameplay's addictive, it offers a great variety and it's surprisingly simple.Just an overview of the main menu is enough to see the attention that has been paid to make this game.I've seen games with much more violence without having any warning sign, and this one here has one, and offers some sort of mild violence, that can be even funny at times(if one of those spikeys reaches the player it just keeps rolling with him lol).Also, the description of the blobs is really educated and scientific, one has to acknowledge that.And most people don't realize it, but making a description, and more important-image of each award is a serious job for really patient people.In general there's been a lot of dedication in the making of this masterpiece.The music is also nice, liked some tracks, loved the rest...

And now to my favourite feature-the awards system.I understand that if a creator has made 110 achievable awards in his game(when I opened for the first time the section I was really impressed), then the least I could do is to try to get them all.Just to justify the efforts that have been put to make them.So far I have about 20 awards left to collect, but since I see getting some is really hard I will provide a description of the awards panel so that players can have a brief idea what to do and what they may be missing.I do it because when I got the "Impressionist award", I did it by sheer luck and it was kinda hard, who knows what other challenges there may be there.

1st row - awards for slaying/destroying a certain type of gloople.Each new type you kill gets you pne of those.

2nd row - Awards for combos and combo values.Generally it consists in awards for the number of blobs slain per hit and the value obtained per hit.There're also 2 awards, one for interrupting a collision of blobs and one I haven't found yet :).

3rd row - Awards for the victories of the nests, the number of deaths and the number of types of death, as well as the general time spent in the game.

4th row - Awards for making highscores of points per game and awards for the time you survived in the bounty run(surprisingly enough these were lower than I expected.No impossible missions like "get 100000pts" or "survive a hour".Everything is realistic and achievable.Thanks for that.)

5th row - awards for killing a specific number of a specific type of blobs.Like the first row, but this time you got to do it some more times.

6th row - Misc awards- the toughest section since it contains really odd ideas like the Jackpot, the mentioned Impressionist, Picky, Pacifist and other awards that a player has to figure out.(If somebody knows the awards on this row, as well as the first one in the 2nd row, the 4th on the 7th, drop me a PM.Thanks in advance.I'll also try answering questions about the awards myself, if there're any.)

7th row - survivor awards, given to you when you survive specific conditions, i.e. you were blinded but you regained your sight and you're still alive, you survived an explosion, stuff like that.

Gee, I got so much to say and I'm almost out of "characters left".So in the end I can say: Awesome game.A must-play for every player and I wish there were more games like that. Hoping there'll be a sequel to this one someday...

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innocuousGames responds:

I'm flattered by such a high compliment. Thank you very much.

The Awards were a lot of fun to make. I must admit that even now some of the little decals on the Awards crack me up. Yes, they did take a lot of time, but I think the way it turned out made it worth it, and your appreciation is proof of this.

As I ALWAYS like to point out, I'm glad you liked the music. I could have easily gone with some generic techno-dance-electro stuff, but I think Revolution Void gives the game a little more identity and plays to the silly intenseness of it all.

I love to see a review like this. Thank you SO much for taking the time to write down your comments and I hope you're still having fun playing.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great way to kill some time. And Glooples.

This game wouldn't be all that remarkable, but when you factor in the awards, rewards, humor and surprisingly thorough science, you get something awesome. I was getting bored killing the things, and then a grey appeared. While I was trying to figure out how the hell to KILL the thing, it turned into a void eater. Sure, it killed me almost instantly, but it's that kind of weird gameplay that makes this unique. So, you don't quite get a 10, because it does get a little repetitive, but it's a nice game nonetheless.

You might want to consider adding RPG elements, as I'm sure others have said. Everything is better with upgrades, in my opinion. You may also want to give hints about how to unlock awards, considering how many you have. (Somewhere between "Oodles" and "Oh dear God.") And fighting anything bigger than a grey is almost impossible, but then again, that's the point, isn't it?

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innocuousGames responds:

I honestly don't think RPG elements belong in an arcade-style game. That sort of defeats the point to me. The idea is for the game to be something engaging but casual (admittedly the Awards sort of skew this idea a bit, but not in the same way that statistics or attributes would). All the clamouring for life bars and a variety of weapons would make more sense to me in a game where you actually did and recieved damage, rather than in a game like this, where typically something dies when it's successfully struck, and so does the hero.

As with many games of this species, fighting the big things is often a matter of knowing how to deal with them. That's what practice mode is for :)

Thanks for the review, and good luck with those Void Eaters!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Amazing game

I like the award system. It gave a reason to play and try to kill as many glooples as you can. The music went well with everything as did the graphics. This is a game someone could play for a few hours and get a lot out of it.
I have no complaints about this game, its a great game worth trying.

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innocuousGames responds:

Always nice to see someone who enjoyed the music! Thanks for the review!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

A much-needed update to a Newgrounds classic.

Like others, when I first saw Amorphous I was a little put off by the simplistic presentation, but, as I've played it over the last year or so - it makes an excellent timewaster when waiting for DVDs to burn or while looking for party - I've come to adore the gradient-heavy graphics and stock sound effects. Something about the game is just charming in its naivete, and the updates in Amorphous+ only serve to improve on the game's fun basic gameplay.

The overall gameplay, which still mostly consists of running about with the mouse and clicking to swing your oversized sword to splatter little goo-balls, is greatly improved by the addition of awards and rewards, which are the biggest change among the many changes here. Of course, as the game progresses, these little goo-balls become more and more dangerous and rapidly, your little guy is in quite a predicament. Thankfully, not only can you can use the glooples against each other, there are a slew of unlockable upgrades available, and so this extremely primitive gameplay gives way to a very surprising depth that makes the game infuriatingly hard and frustratingly addictive at the same time, much in the same way as the best classic shooters.

Other much-appreciated new features in this version, I'm told, are the option to mute the sound effects, music, or both (I love Revolution Void, but after more than a year I'm a touch tired of it m'self), the restructuring of difficulty selection, several changes in individual gloople behavior, a little bit of optimizing, and a whole bunch of bug-fixing. Yay for that.

Advice for new players - if you find the game to be excruciatingly slow, turn on the FPS counter in the options menu. It should be running at or near 30FPS the whole time. If you find the game to be excruciatingly difficult, it is. :3 I advise reading the tips. They're snarky, but incredibly helpful.

As before, Amorphous is addicting, fun, and now has re-play value I'd have never imagined. I can't wait to see what's next from innocuousGames.

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