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Jul 21, 2008 | 4:42 AM EDT

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Welcome to FCU-OS, a Flash operating system inspired by EMU, but with many upgrades from EMU, including more things to distract you, harder puzzles, an easter egg (OMG shh), faster cursors, better sounds, non-blurry text, and much more. And of course, lots of porn in the respective folders. Have fun!

When I saw the screenshots of EMU 2 (, I was amazed. Could you really do that in flash? So I challenged myself to create an EMU-style operating system, and this is the result. And please don't say I copied it all, because I didn't. OK? And can anyone guess what FCU stands for? Hint: It has NO SWEAR WORDS!

Credits: I got the FCU-GUI cursor from Real World, and I got the computer graphics from id Software and the Freedoom project. All copyrights to their respective owners. I also used the tune, "The Stripper" in the OS.

One more thing, if you find out anything when you play, #PLEASE DO NOT# give it away in your reviews! You will just spoil the fun!



Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's been several years, so I don't quite think it's getting an update any time soon.

Decent game! Took me a while to get through it. The code-breaking is very monotonous; not difficult, just time-consuming, especially due to the failings of the font (as Tetyle pointed out). It is, however, funny, which is its saving grace.

If you ever start on this again, here's some suggestions:
1. Be more creative with your puzzles. Neither were particularly enjoyable or interesting.
2. Make the game more accessible. If you have a crappy monitor or are colour blind, then MOD is next to impossible. Either way, the puzzle's an eye-strainer.
3. Make sure to put a pornography folder on every level.
4. Change the MOD ui, the blue on blue looks terrible.

That out of the way, good luck. I hope you see this. If not, then hey, fuck you pal.

Pachira responds:

hahaha, this old game, absolutely indecipherable like all my other games ;) it certainly would've been a good idea to use a different font for the code. or perhaps... not have one of those annoying substitution ciphers in there in the first place? funny how I thought the gui was the shit when I made this, all gradienty and pretty like. believe me when I say it's not even as much of a monstrosity as several other attempts at GUIs I'd made around that time. I do believe I did start work on an FCU-OS 2.0 but my attention diverted to other projects, which in all honesty is probably a good thing. i still have a soft spot for the pixel graphix though.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

"The password for the MOD folder is


Do not forget"

But this password doesn't work!

Pachira responds:

sent you a PM with further instructions


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good but, its not letting me enter mod i typed in the password which is rftHr but nope, not letting me in... good game though so fare i like the thing above the notes folder when it plays that song! It's pretty catchy! :-)
BTW I accidentally entered the thing above notes folder...

Pachira responds:

sent you a PM with further instructions


Rated 3 / 5 stars


Firstly, I'm happy that EMU has spawned it's own little genre - I never thought that OS games would catch on. There's clearly been a lot of work towards this looking genuine (with the pixel-style stuff), but remember, there is such a thing as being too complicated or long winded. I learnt in EMU 1.4 that creating something either too complicated or that would take ages to do is a big no-no. There are simple peeps out there, yes, these are thrown by the challenge of cracking the system. But always remember - this is entertainment.

So, what I'm trying to say is that this, though well put together, is either a little too complex, or, in my case, something I recognise will take too long to sit and work out. You've got to try and pack more into it, and make it doable in a realativly short space of time. You don't want folks to get bored! :D

Keep it up, there's some promising stuff here.

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Pachira responds:

Thanks a lot! I was mainly inspired by the EMU 2.0 screenshots. I suppose I could make it easier :)

Did you get to the Mod level? That's even harder. I think you will find a lot of EMU inspiration in there!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I still like the original EMU and the way EMU2 is looking better, though (because of the text parser). I get stuck in the MOD folder, because you have so many possible combinations of characters for the square and the diamond it's impossible to know which ones you're really asking for (I could go by the size of the symbols, but that's an easy way to fool the player). And is there a space between the diamond symbol and the mouse symbol? But, who in their right mind would right down all of those symbols? Just take a screenshot or open the flash in another window. " 'Duh, hadn't thought of that one!' "

Pachira responds:

Yes, very funny. The truth is, I just used a Wingdings-style font called FFF Extras.
If the symbols are a certain size, that's what they are. OK?