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Then I Run

rated 3.98 / 5 stars
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Jul 20, 2008 | 6:38 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Hello ladies and gentlemen.
Rather than typing a long commentary I'd rather let this film speak for itself.
A short note before you watch though: If you preffer Mario Parodies and ultra violence
I'm afraid this movie might not be your cup of tea.

Thank you and enjoy:)
Daily 2nd place and front page:-o Thanks one hell of a bunch!!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really deep...

And to questionsleep... what the hell? That has to be the longest comment I've ever seen. I guess "That was good" wasn't enough for ya... I lost my train of thought. Anyway.
Very deep and... almost euphoric. Very cool. Nice music too...


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Personally, I got scared.

This creeped the hell out.... go ahead and make this a useless review with you clicking and your minus signs but really... this scared me.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

very refreshing

I loved this movie almost instantly. I think this movie portrays well what strange things play on our eyes as we sleep. When we sleep our brain creates DMT. The pineal gland is what creates the DMT. No one has really figured out what DMT is, all we know it is the most psychoactive substance known to man, above ibotenic acid and psylicyben.

After taking Amnita Muscaria (ibotenic acid), I was put into a place of all knowing, I could create any reality I wanted, watch my live play before me, or condense them all into one singular existence. At the same time of being in this state, I was also experiencing something called duelity. This, simply, is being two places at once and experiencing both of them at the same time. People who can dream lucidly or out of body, they know that when you are two places at once, it creates tension in the human mind. This stress-like headache is surpassed by using things like DMT or amnita. (safely)

Anyways, I do not believe that these naturally occuring psychoactive substances are just coincidence. I believe that everything is made of one thing, and I believe that simply as humans trying to survive by becoming more self-aware, we have evolved our minds to tap into some of the most powerful creational substances, ( or wavelengths, if you want). I think that when our mind is off from this fantasy reality we have created called reality itself, that our minds are refreshing themselves by creating and destroying without the rules of this reality holding it back. I believe in this reality the only reason we cannot transfigure matter is becuase we as a collective have subconsciously rules and boundaries, if only to have what we believe to be control.

So, Every night people can make multiple universes, destroy universes, and make them into nothingness, all inside the space of ones own mind. I think this cartoon shows us a side of our creational minds that many of us have/do experience, the creating of ones own fear.

Thank you for this movie it makes me happy to know that I am not alone here in a world of morons.


If you are ever a person struggling with your own mind in dreams, like fear or anger or paranoia, I have some advice. I have traces of schitzophrenia, and as a child struggled with horrible nightmares that came to me in my awake mind as well as sleeping. My advice for you is that your mind is and will be powerful, as long as you do not let it walk on you. Do whatever it takes to force the opposite feeling in yourself. If fear, stand up. If paranoid, stand in the open. If angered, then rise above. This is the first and biggest step for harnessing what true power you hold, but know, the people like me and you go two ways, and one of those ways is a very dark path. Like the review below myself.

w@@T fighhhhhve. :D

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FoXcatO responds:

Thank you very much:) I truly enjoyed reading this review of yours.
Thanks for the advice. Fear is often a factor in my dreams and I should like it not to be. Then again I get a lot of creative inspiration from my dreams.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

UH okay?

Im a "bit" confused to say the least.

But good animation?.... i dont get what this is supposed to represent .....


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Since no one else...

has anything intellegent to say here I am again! I have to say normally stuff that is classified as "surreal" fails to get my attention, the fun loving, easy going, guy that I am, howver, this movie was very, very well done. The animation was smooth and defined (if not stylized) and the music worked very well along the sombre vein of the flash itself. Yes the content was strange but that is what symbolism is all about, it is up to you (the veiwer) to interpret the content, if you attempt to guess at what he (FoxCato) means behind it the vast, VAST, majority of you will be stumped because you can't fathom anything on a level with this. Forgive me, back to the reveiw. I think that you did an excellent job in all aspects of flash animation and I have rewarded you accordingly. 5/5 10/10, keep it up, ill keep my eyes out for you.


PS: To those of you who do write insightful and meaningful reveiws, I tip my hat to you, to those of you who think about as much as a log rolling down a hill I insist that you wipe yourself off the face of the earth because I am so sick of your idiocy.

PSS: Yes I am angry, there are way to many morons in this world today and I am sick of seeing the majority of them writing useless and/or retarded reveiws, but then I keep coming back don't I? Guess I may as well suck up my bitterness and move on.

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FoXcatO responds:

Thank you:)
It's always a joy to read intelligent reviews:)