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Sublime Collab

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Jul 16, 2008 | 1:13 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Thank you Tom for frontpage =)
And thank you voters for daily 3rd =)
Edit: Some people say this isnt a tribute because its not about the band itself, but that doesnt change the fact that each author poured countless hours into parts for the sake of remembering someone who once lived and brought us something that we can keep forever. And some people say it sucks because it doesnt have a story, but get angry because we animate to the lyrics... The point is, the overall message of the song is still played. So if you dont agree its a tribute, then dont take it as one.
Also, i have been hearing a lot of people wanting different sublime songs, sorry i cant attune to everyones needs haha, but i did take a poll before the collab and what i got reprise emerged on top... anyway, the next UrbanTurf collab can be found here...
bbs/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1 5 any comments or suggestions for next one can go there :)

RIP: Bradley Nowell who lingers in our memories forever, in the form of the music he left behind.

Note: WAIT FOR THE CREDITS, THEY AIN'T JUST TEXT! for more flash collabs, and information on upcomming collabs, and to join upcomming collabs!

Hey, SaltyPeach here, Summer is a great time for collabs. I agree, but this collab? Well, it was made way before then. About 7 months ago we began this collab. In the process, Urbanturf got hacked, there was some music errors, flash programs crashing, and what not. But we all bit the bullet, and finished it. It would have been quicker I promise you, but we all put our efforts in to it, and all to make this perfect as we could. I spent a month or 2 fixing everything up, putting extra details, and what not. I hope you enjoy this animation. Its animated to "What I got" by Sublime. If you hate the music, then watch for the animation. Anddd, lets see what Ben has to say.

Baconneggs: Hey guys, although this collab has been through a lot, including the forum hack, my computer being down for a month, and forum dead zones, im glad to say we were able to pull through and finish it....
The authors put a lot of hard work and dedication into this collaboration, so i hope for their sake and mine, that it was worth it and you guys enjoy



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I could never this ABS classic.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

that was awsome

I love the band sublime great to know others do to


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This music video collab is awesome!

Wow!, This is the awesome music video!


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Sirsloth did not participate in this flash


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a nine because he didn't chill with louie dog

make badfishmakebadfishmakebadfish

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