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Jul 13, 2008 | 7:00 PM EDT

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My marketing team has shown that the viewing public of Newgrounds are big fans of video game parodies and they also like interactive flash movies.

With that in mind I bring you my interactive parody of the popular game Mass Effect.

Which is a great game if you like fucking giant smurfs with squid heads.



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WE WILL DESTROY YOU! ~ Mass Effect producers

How could you!.... You moronic..... Me and my brother are fans of Mass Effect! Do you even completed the game!?

ps - i completely agree with Masterchief, except ONE thing: I'll never watch ANY of your videos!

ps 2 - You made my brain boil. I think that i'll never recover from the neural injuries.


MonsterMunchClock responds:

I bet your amazing in bed with all that anger.


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Alright, I agree with the dudes below, you suck big time. Next time if you make a parody, make it better. And/or if your this awful don't do it at all, especially on a good game :)

MonsterMunchClock responds:

I love you to sweetheart


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"Which is a great game if you like fucking giant smurfs with squid heads."

I'm taking it you don't like mass effect?

A smurf is blue...right? And they look like small humans right?

So how do the "squids" look like smurfs?

Oh...and just anothing thing. Using and saying FUCk doesn't make you cool.

Unless you are Samual Mother-Fucking L Jackson.

MonsterMunchClock responds:

Kiss me fat boy!


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This is a poor excuse for a video.

You know this might have been good if: 1. You actually had any sort of plot whatsoever; 2. actually tried to make a decent video with an intelligent message; actually made fun of mass effect in an intelligent, thoughtful, observant, or funny manner, (other than saying, "Which is a great game if you like fucking giant smurfs with squid heads." that is so stupid i won't even adress that..) 3. made actually good characters...(clocks? wtf?) 4. was actually funny in anyway whatsoever. Seriously this was a waste of my time. 5. didn't swear needlessly in a pointless childish manner (not for the plot, or humor). or 6. didn't insult your audience and video game parodies in general. THIS WAS A WASTE OF MY TIME.

You know i bet your one of those people who stupidly bought mass effect without knowing what it was, or are just randomly hating on it out of pure ignorance. Next time you want to make a video with an actual purpose i'll be happy to watch it. UNTIL THEN THIS IS AN EMBARRASMENT.

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MonsterMunchClock responds:

I'd call Mass Effect the worst game ever but I've played the Halo series which was far worse.

Keep your pseudo-intellectual reviews away from me.


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Delete this crap (it is offensive)

Could you please remove yourself from this life?

P.S: this crap is offensive

MonsterMunchClock responds:

This review is offensive.