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Jul 6, 2008 | 3:01 PM EDT

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Sonic: The Ancient One: The Return-

After 4 long months the new series is out!! woot woot! This is the first episode of a possible 7 (or more) Here we get introduced to the new characters and Sonic sees the return of an old enemy.

This is the first movie I've done with a Co-author, and this is the Co-authors first movie (KarlostheJackal). Both looking forward to what reviews we get with this series and hoping that it does as well as the last one did (if not better).

Enjoy the flash and please review fairly, will always try to respond to every review/message we get.

** Don't watch if you dont like Sonic/Sprite movies**

**As always press space to progress through the dialouge**

**Submit to sonic collection =)**

-Akradon- and -KarlosTheJackal -



Rated 5 / 5 stars

almost the best

the only thing that beats this is sonic's quest 4 power

Akradon responds:

second best...thats good enoug hfor me :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars



Akradon responds:

Wooty Woot!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Flippin' Awsome!

I don't ussually watch alot of sonic flashes for the simple fact that they aren't that good, but I'm glad I watched this one it was nice. Sure to keep an eye out for the rest of the series. ^-^

Akradon responds:

thank you muchly :) nice to know I can surprise some of you


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

ALRIGHT!!! Abbadons back and he's pissed!!!

This was totally kickass! It was defintly worth the wait! The music in it was kickass and I think it goes well with Abbadon! I don't know why I just have this feeling that when The Ancient One gets enough power to decend Mobius and rule it and all that Sonic&Abbadon will team up. I don't expect you to tell me I mean they may not its just a gut feeling I've got is all! Well anyway kickass and I like te cliffhanger at the end! But 1 question : Why did abbadon help destroy Eggmans Robot? 9/10 cuz' it was short but thats the only reason!

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Akradon responds:

Glad you liked it mate! You n some others have been there alot asking on progress, its glad to know you all like it! Lets just say when The Ancient One gets enough power, there will be trouble. Oh and Bout Abaddon being pissed...u ent seen anything yet.

Abaddon helped destroy Eggmans robot because at the end of TDS he went against Eggman, taking Sonic and Shadow to his own Zone if you member? And now he is with the Ancient one, Eggman is an even bigger enemy. The Wolves main aim is to get the chaos emeralds and wipe out every threat on the planet.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice

thats was great keep it up man can't wait for the next
the God Of Destruction is pleased

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Akradon responds:

Woot glad I can please the gods!